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Discussion in 'Fan Sites & Community Events' started by zaphod, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. zaphod

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    Feb 16, 2016
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    ACC2018 - AMS-COMMUNITY-CUP-2018
    for more information just follow this -> link

    - “Race of Champions” like as an Inter-Community-Event were Driver’s race as a Team against other Communities.
    - Each Community specifies a car and track for the race and will host the event on their Server.
    - This will create diversification in driving different type of cars and a change to your current league with a new challenge to master the selected car.
    - the event becomes a "with each other" than the usual principle of Racing "against the rest". this will assure a Fun-Race by all means and create a team-spirit to work together.
    - good friendships will certainly result from these events among the communities and bring the AMS drivers closer together.

    - the AMS-Community-Cup-2018 goes for 7 Events - one Event per Month.
    - each Communities will organize at least one Event.
    - the organizing Community will change alternating.
    - the organizing Community specifies a car and a track.
    - the organizing Community can decide on the date within the determined month and time of the Event as a home-turf advantage.
    - the cars and tracks have to be Reiza original or DLC content with original skins. (except Patrick's tracks will be also permitted.)
    - to keep things simple the organizing Community will not oblige any driver to subscribe to their site!
    - the organizing Community will host the Event on their Server (with a practice-server online a week prior to the Event).
    - the Event-Race will be approximately 60 minutes long and announced in "Number of Laps".
    - Duration of Practice and Qualification are open to be set by the organizing Community as the starting procedure.
    - Server settings will only allow: auto-clutch and free-driving-view with a 50% damage-multiplier. also normal-settings (1x) for tire and fuel usage are required.
    - all communication has to go through Discord on the ACC-Server.
    - we will keep the stats after each event updated and posted online. to do so we would need the server-logs from the organizing Community.
    - Each Community will nominate 1 Race Steward. Race Steward's have to investigate after the race with the original-server-replay together on any reported incidents and decide on eventual penalties.
    - Driver's have to alter or create a new Player-Profile with a "Real-Sounding-Name" including the abbreviation of their Community at the beginning. for example: [AMSU] Peter Driver
    - the won points for the 4 fastest driver's of each Community will count as a score to determine the **AMS-Community-Champion-2018** at the end of the season.
    - Score: 1st - 15 points, 2nd - 13 points, 3rd - 11 points, 4th - 9 points, 5th - 8 points, 6th - 7 points, 7th - 6 points, 8th - 5 points, 9th - 4 points, 10th - 3 points, 11th - 2 points, after 12th - all drivers get 1 point (if crossing the finish-line)
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  2. Daniel Escudero

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