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[Another Possible Solution] Game Closes after first Mouse Click

Discussion in 'Automobilista - Help & Support' started by Erick Goldner, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Erick Goldner

    Erick Goldner Active Member Reiza Backer

    Mar 9, 2016
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    Thought i should share this since it made me go crazy in the last 3 days!

    On friday, out of the blue, the game just started closing after first click on something.
    A lot of people had this on early access (including me) and running as Admin fix this problem, but it can cause others (for me especifically: the GID Map FPS issue and the G27 not being able to address the right rotation for each car).

    I uninstalled and installed again, tried to run previous version (0.9.8) and even checked if there was a Win 10 update on that day, but got no lucky!

    So after accepting the problem and running as admin, today i was messing with the AA on Radeon Panel and got a notification from a beta driver update for my 280X (AMD) and this gave me a light, since i remebered doing a recent update (Update was to Crimson-16.7.3 version ond Thursday, but i didn't restarted my pc until friday).

    Today it updated to Beta version 16.8.2 and i thought i should give it another try.
    Opened the game without Admin compatibility and voila: the game just Worked again as it was before the driver update!

    Just to see if i was not crazy i installed version 16.7.3 and the problem was there again.
    Updated to 16.8.2 one more time and no more problems.
    So there's clearly something on some versions of AMD drivers that causes this issue.
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