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Automobilista 2 V1.1.0.0 RELEASED - Now Updated to V1.1.0.5

Discussion in 'Automobilista 2 - News & Announcements' started by Renato Simioni, Dec 31, 2020.

  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 14, 2016
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    It´s time for fireworks! A new year is soon (already?) upon us, and we at Reiza have been working flatout through this Holiday season to celebrate it with a bang - the most famous race track in the world, some amazing historical sports cars, new features and many improvements mark v1.1.0.0 as the biggest Automobilista 2 update yet!

    IMPORTANT: Given the amount of substantive changes in this update, we strongly recommend all users to start a fresh profile by deleting their Documents/Automobilista 2 folder to avoid issues (this will be requested with far less regularity from this update onwards).

    The Livery System Override is now fully implemented - to get your hands on the templates for all cars currently in the game and learn more about how you can go about replacing the original car liveries with your own please check this topic (will be updated with new templates as we add them).

    Please note that we have another batch of single player championships & a complementary art update for Spa incoming tomorrow after it goes through some internal testing in the morning.

    V1.0.6.2 -> V1.1.0.0 CHANGELOG



    • Added GT1 Series (featuring Mercedes CLK LM, Porsche 911 GT1, Mclaren F1 GTR LT)
    • Added Mclaren F1 LM to Street Cars series
    • Added Spa Francorchamps 2020 *Part of Spa-Francorchamps DLC Pack
    • Added Ibarra Reverse layout

    • Introduced track specific weather probability system for more realistic random weather
    • Random weather condition is now preserved if session is reset
    • Disabled "Real Weather" option (until system implementation is complete)
    • Added option to customize FFB gain per car
    • Adjusted netcode parameters for more reliable close racing and more accurate timing predictions
    • Adjusted default cockpit camera settings
    • Increased cockpit seat position storing from 20 to 100 vehicles.
    • Added live edit messages for vertical and longitudinal cockpit seat position
    • Added F-Ultimate & F-Reiza championship seasons

    UI & HUD
    • Added new main menu panel arts & backgrounds
    • Updated track loading screens & increased resolution to 4k
    • Added loading bar gradient & fixed position on ultrawide resolutions
    • Fixed monitor controls and back button positions on ultrawide resolutions
    • Update Control Assignments screens to include per vehicle FFB gain increase / decrease
    • VSync is now always enabled in Main Menu
    • Added tag (AI)/* to AI players in multiplayer
    • Added additional states to DRS HUD informing detection zone & availability
    • Vehicle default sorting reverted to alphabetical order
    • Corrected various vehicle naming inconsistencies
    • Fixed Velopark incorrect track grades

    • Revised tyre physics for street cars, F-Vintage (both gens), F-Retro, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10 (both gens), F-Reiza, F-Ultimate, Copa Classic, Hot Cars, Lancer Cup, Puma P052, M1 Procar, Group A, Opala 1986
    • Revised rain tyres for GT3, GT4, P1, P2, P3, P4, F-Retro, Procar, Group A, Opala 1986 Copa Classic, Hot Cars, Lancer cup, Puma P052
    • Revised Ultima GTR, F-Retro, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-Ultimate & F-Reiza aerodynamics
    • Adjusted logic for pre-race tire & brake pre-warming & tire pressure conditions (slightly under peak conditions for more realism & avoid unnatural tire inflation)
    • Reduced default number of clutches for several cars & further reduced rate of differential locking per clutch
    • Further revised F-Retros, F-Ultimate & Ginetta G58 suspension rates
    • Further adjusted exhaust parameters for all cars (results in more accurate visual & audible backfiring / spluttering)
    • Reduced max height to account before front wing / splitter stall in several cars
    • GT3 Series: Added 15kg to Mclaren 720S, subtracted 10kg from Mercedes AMG GT3, added 10 HP to Porsche GT3-R for improved BoP
    • Further revisions of FFB max force to iron out potential peak force inconsistencies
    • Small adjustments to center of gravity height in Opalas, F-Retros, F-Ultimate
    • Reduced Ginetta G55 engine inertia
    • Futher reduced differential preload baseline settings
    • Disabled viscous differential in street cars
    • Adjusted default roll bars, ride height & differential settings for F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10 Gen1 & 2
    • Adjusted default Differential settings for F-Retro, Stock Car 2020
    • Adjusted F-Ultimate ERS to not kick in until 75% of throttle is applied

    • Added preliminary new logic to improve AI overtaking lapped cars
    • Added new tolerance parameter for AI to not concede position to player until a given amount of the car length is alongside (prevents issue with AI cars appearing to be "scared" out of the way when approached from behind by player)
    • Slightly raised AI CoG height multiplier & adjusted AI damper rates to avoid cars bouncing at hard compression
    • AI callibration pass for all cars that received tyre physics and / or aero updates
    • Reduced range of lateral movement away from ideal line & rate of movement when taking urgent action
    • Created new AI paths for Nurburgring Nordschleife & 24h layouts (improved & more consistent performance)

    • Updated Sprint Race sounds
    • Adjusted tranny volume for GT3 cars to more balanced levels & more torque dependent; adjusted volume balancing; optimized number of samples used to minimise potential performance issues


    • Removed wave length in artificial road noise (slightly reduces car / camera vertical movement oscillations)
    • Temporarily removed animated Helicopters & planes until remaining functionality issues are addressed
    • Revised road mesh & reduced noise (high frequency bumps) for Curitiba, Kansai & Taruma
    • Updated Bathurst trackside camera
    • Velopark: Minor performance & art pass; updated AI with improved performanceUpdated Nurburgring 24h layout trackside cameras to reduce shimmering / trembling & added VR cams

    • Added BMW M6 GT3 dirt / damage effects + dangling damaged parts + new colliders + detached diffuser
    • Gol Copa Classic: Fixed LOD errors at longer distance
    • Mini Cooper UK: Fixed LODding issues with windows
    • Lancer Cup (R/RS): Added Dirt/Damage + detached bumpers (LODA/B/C) + dirt texture for wings (RS) + modeled inner panels (LODA/B/C) + new collision + dangling damaged partsdriver animations + Detached Gear Shifter
    • Fixed Mini cooper 1965 damage on lower LODs + Detached gear shifter (cpit) + detached bumpers on LOD C
    • Lotus 23: Fixed LOD D missing, added damage models on lod B/C, detached dangling parts on LodC, closed panel gaps on LOD A and Cockpit, removed unecessary damage models for tyres
    • MCR S2000: Added dirt/scratch textures
    • Added missing tail light for Sprint Race, Stock Car Cruze 2019 & Ultima GTR
    • Fixed LOD errors in cars with DRS wings which could make rear wings appear to flick open at certain distances

    EDIT: Automobilista 2 has now been updated to v1.0.1.1 - this is a hotfix to complement the latest release with some further improvements & fixes to new features / content.

    Regarding Spa-Francorchamps DLC: We apologise for the ongoing unavailability of the standalone Spa DLC on Steam - we have already requested Valve´s support to address it and expect it will be sorted soon (by Monday at the latest). In the meantime it is still possible to acquire the track as part of the Premium Track Pack, or the complete 2020-2021 Season Pass.

    V1.1.0.1 CHANGELOG
    • Added International GT3, F-Classic Gen1, GT1 championships
    • Enabled multiple random weather slots in championship seasons
    • Disabled formation lap for championships with rolling starts
    • Fixed FFB per vehicle adjustment in-session
    • Fixed FFB adjustment localization
    • Fixed Caterham tail lights not working in dark
    • Extensive Spa-Francorchamps art pass, performance improvements, object pop-up & wall hole fixes
    • Adjusted AI performance through various corners for better balance vs player
    • Slightly increased Bathurst AI Grip values
    • GT1 physics revisions: Adjusted engine compression curves & added throttle map for all models; adjusted default coast differential setting; Slightly improved Mclaren F1 GTR engine & center of gravity
    • P1 class physics revisions: corrected G58 weight distribution; added 10-15kg to AJR cars for better BoP accross class
    • GT1 AI callibration pass, GT3 AI rolling resistance adjustment to better match player straight speed
    • Adjusted roll bar rates in Group A cars (requires setup reset)
    • Greatly reduced values for AI simulated times when skipping session (logic appears to have been broken in one of the latter AI code changes so this is a paliative measure to help prevent AI doing much faster times when skipping session until bug is addressed)
    • Time Trial mode now includes all the latest content

    EDIT 13/01:

    Automobilista 2 has been updated to v1.1.0.4 - this is a substantive complementary update to the release from two weeks ago, the highlights being several improvements & corrections for Spa, new tire & driveline physics developments along with some new AI logic that should greatly improve their skill dodging traffic in multiclass races.

    Please note that while there is no need to delete your Automobilista 2 settings folder in this update, several cars require a setup reset to default to receive some of their latest adjustments as marked in the changelog below.

    V1.1.0.4 CHANGELOG

    • Reduced pit speed limit of historical classes from 120 km/h to 100 km/h to minimise issues with AI overshooting its pitbox
    • Disabled mandatory pitstops in GT1 90s Championship

    UI & HUD
    • Fixed issue where UI would become unresponsive when restarting a race from the post session leaderboard screen
    • Lobbies now always use descending order when sorting lobbies by player
    • Custom even screens now display full vehicle name instead of abbreviated version
    • Fixed English label on FFB GAIN INCREASE mapping
    • Added GT1 HUD icon

    • Added several new gearbox, clutch, crankshaft, driveshaft & wheel bearing models to better suit various types of drivelines
    • Reduced differential viscous hump & clutch lock ratios
    • Revised F-Retro & F-Classic tire carcass (all gens)
    • Further stiffened carcass sidewall for GT1 / GT3 / GT4 / Prototype / Stockcar tires
    • Further tire tread adjustments to F3, Mini, Sprintrace, Stock Car, Caterhams, F-Retro, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-Ultimate, Porsche Cup, GT3, GT4, Copa Truck, Street Cars
    • Fixed error in tire models for BMW Procar, Group A & Opala 1986 cars
    • Reduced water dissipation for Formula Vee / Copa Fusca / Uno / Opala 1979 / Opala Old Stock tire treads (makes them slightly less efficient on a wet track)
    • Revised Porsche Cup physics (reduced inertia, more low end engine torque, default setup adjustments, new custom tire tread) (requires setup reset)
    • Further fine tuning of FFB max force for 570S, Caterham 620R, Ginetta G55, Opalas, Porsche Cup, BMW Procar, Group A, GT1 cars
    • Slightly reduced aero draft effect (all cars)
    • Slightly adjusted Mercedes CLK GT1, F-Ultimate default setup (requires setup reset)
    • Reduced GT1 & Opala rear brake torque (all cars)
    • Increased pit speed limit in GT1 class to 100 km/h
    • Mclaren 570S GT4: adjusted aero center of pressure; fixed rear right fast damper range; increased brake torque; adjusted default setup (requires setup reset)
    • Adjusted engine compression curves for GT1 cars, Mclaren 570S GT4, Ginetta G55, F-Retro, Caterhams
    • Fixed error in Group A damper and rebound travel (requires setup reset)
    • Slightly raised Roco 001 CoG height
    • Slightly stiffened Mclaren F1 LM front suspension rates
    • Opened up differential adjustments for Caterhams with LSD
    • Disabled downshift autoblip for Mclaren F1 GTR, Porsche 911 GT1, MCR 2000; enabled for Metalmoro MRX P2,
    • Slightly increased downforce from F-Classic Gen1 diffuser
    • SprintRace: Adjusted rear wing center of pressure; increased bodywork drag
    • Reduced engine inertia for F-Trainer, Caterhams
    • Raised minimal front ride height for F-Classics (requires setup reset)
    • Adjusted gear ratios for Procar, Group A cars (requires setup reset)
    • Adjusted default roll bars, dampers for all Porsches (requires setup reset)
    • Fixed inverted slow / fast damper rates in Porsche Cup cars (requires setup reset)
    • Fixed asymetrical right front ride height setting in Porsche Cayman Clubsport (requires setup reset)


    • Added new overtaking logic - AI cars now evaluate speed of cars further ahead to dodge slow traffic more efficiently
    • Fixed bug causing AI simulated times to fluctuate widely
    • fixed issue where AIs would brake without reason on pit entry or exit
    • Further general AI performance callibration for throttle & brake application, tire rolling resistance & drivetrain losses (to better match player straightline speed), launch speed (slow starts still remain an issue with Group A & Procar)
    • Increased AI speed on wet tracks while running slicks
    • Slightly increased AI aggression scalars per vehicle
    • Further reduced AI jerkiness in lateral movement
    • Reduced AI brake distance offsets
    • Fine tuned AI brake performance
    • Update AI fuel load logic for practice sessions (now uses same as quali - further customizations of fuel levels per car will follow in subsequent builds)
    • Slightly reduced AI quali performance & improvedp practice performance (all cars)

    • Minor sound loop corrections on transmission whine samples for GT3R and M6 GT3, Sprint race and Super v8 samples.

    • Updated weather probability ratios (a bit less rain generally)
    • Spa: Extensive art & performance pass; added night lighting, added more static objects around scene, more trackside objects; fixed some tree & treeline shadows, fixed holes in paddock area looking from Bruxelles; added new kart building and marshall huts, updated pit fence and other fences; updates to foliage and outside terrain/roads to match the 2020 look; reduced foliage around Blanchimont; Generated new AI paths (much better fast line); adjusted track cut runoff limits
    • Imola 1988: Fixed a few wall and terrain gaps; Minor AI grip increase
    • Goiania: Rebuild armco collisions in attempt to fix ireported ntermittent collisions
    • Curitiba: Further road mesh noise revisions
    • Curvelo: Reduced road mesh noise
    • Guapore: Reduced road mesh noise
    • Ibarra: Updated trackside cams for reverse layout

    • MetalMoro AJR: Fixed tail lights, external mirrors;
    • MetalMoro MRX: Adjusted RPM LED ranges for P3 variants
    • Further fine tuning of exhaust parameters (for cars producing less backfiring)
    • Further adjusted carbon visual brake glow range
    • Added new Metalmoro AJR liveries (including a new batch of community skins)

    V1.1.0.5 CHANGELOG

    • Fixed bug that could lead to vehicles receiving draft from vehicles far behind them

    • Fixed distance to screen value on triple screen setup

    • Further driveline adjustments & fine tuning, fixing issues with clutch slipping in upshifts with some cars
    • Adjusted default clutch setting for Stock cars, Montana, Camaro GT4R, Porsches
    • Fixed bug with F-Retro wet tires breaking physics
    • Fixed bug with F-Ultimate slicks breaking physics if driven on wet
    • Adjusted default gear ratios for M1 Procar, Group A cars

    • Further improvements to AI lateral weaving/abruptness of movement
    • Added new improvements to AI behaviour when it predicts it´s going to run off the road (should reduce some causes of abrupt lateral movement / loss of control)
    • Further general A performance callibration

    • Caterham Academy: adjusted sounds, improved audio loops
    • Copa Fusca: Fixed engine sound drop-off during gear shifts
    • SprintRace: further improvements to audio loops
    • M1 Procar: increased volume when driving in swingman view

    • Spa: various fixes for lodding pop-ups, further optimization
    • Velopark: Improved wall collisions; fixed some terrain gaps; improved shadows; adjusted tire stack height; adjusted 3D grass to fix instances of wall clipping; removed shadow casting & reflections from transparent face
    • Interlagos Historic: Added startlights; removed shadow casting from transparent fences
    • Oulton Park: Added missing track lights
    • Curitiba: Adjusted HUD map zoom
    • Curvelo: Adjusted render mesh to match updated physical noise

    • Added community liveries: Copa Fusca - Fernando Goncalves #888 / Luiz Gonzaga #09 / Marcos Cruz #20 / Tom Emilsen #3422 / Troyan Donut #61 / Filomena Silva #00
    • Caterham 360 Superlight - Allan Nenes #25 / Gasper Zupan #2
    • Caterham 620R - Gyda Marvik #25 / Chris Shire #26
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2021
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  2. Manuel Staedel

    Manuel Staedel Active Member Reiza Backer

    Mar 8, 2016
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    Thank you very much!
  3. Stakanov

    Stakanov Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2020
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    :hurrayreiza::hurrayreiza::hurrayreiza: HAPPY NEW YEAR :hurrayreiza::hurrayreiza::hurrayreiza:
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  4. VFX Pro

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    Mar 31, 2017
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    Loving it!! Amazing work guys!
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  5. oez

    oez Mayor of Long Beach Staff Member Reiza Backer

    Aug 27, 2020
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    Will try tomorrow.

    Thank you a lot for this year Reiza! I got a gaming PC and VR this year. AMS2 took me by surprise in May. Your vision and feel is right up my alley. So keep up the good work, but also respect your free and family time. I will inject this update into my veins :D @Renato Simioni
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  6. Rodger Davies

    Rodger Davies Well-Known Member

    Sep 16, 2016
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    I heard some fireworks outside, so I assumed the update must have been released! Can't think what else they'd be for.

    Great to have the GT1s thanks, great to have the most important three cars from 1998 in game, although fingers crossed you find a way to include a Panoz or an Elise GT1 to add depth in future.

    Thanks for making random weather actually useable, no more constant snow or rain - would it be possible to publish the values you're using for each circuit's probability anywhere?

    AI improvements are always the think I hope for, and having lapped traffic AI finally in a Madness game is a huge relief - SMS did a great job with their car lists and getting some good multiclass carsets, but the game could never work with them.

    Formula Vintage and Retro tyre model improvements are my other highlight, favourite classes in the game (and can't wait for historic Nurburgring and Spa) so looking forward to trying these.

    See you in 2021 :)
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  7. rmagid1010

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    Jun 30, 2020
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    Happy New Year Reiza!! TY for the update!!
  8. psone

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    May 31, 2020
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    stoked! thank you very much guys.
  9. Koen_Sch

    Koen_Sch Active Member

    Nov 28, 2020
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    Yes! There it is! Happy new year to you all and Reiza in particular!!!
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  10. DjFIL007

    DjFIL007 Active Member Reiza Backer

    Mar 9, 2016
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    Great job to push it out before the New Year. Hope you have a great evening and here's to 2021!
  11. fischhaltefolie

    fischhaltefolie Active Member Reiza Backer

    Mar 24, 2016
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    When you know it from beta, but you're happy like a child driving it in AMS2, THX
    Happy New Year to all of you from :hurrayreiza:.
    Btw, much too soon, 50 min left in 2020 here.;)
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  12. LugNut

    LugNut Active Member

    Jul 12, 2020
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    Happy freakin new year! Its 5.22 pm here us /eastern time zone. Thank you soooo much reiza!
    You made not having a gig for new years ...drummer here....a good thing:) DLoading now!
  13. bmerrell

    bmerrell Member

    Aug 30, 2020
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    Many thanks. Very excited to try this!
  14. CJRacing

    CJRacing Member

    Nov 3, 2020
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    Do GT1s have TC or ABS?
  15. Gasper Zupan

    Gasper Zupan Member Reiza Backer

    Jun 14, 2016
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    Congratulations Reiza boys, what a journey! Update at this time of year clearly shows nothing but brutal dedication to what you guys do. Thank you also for all the good work you did in the past with AMS1 and other titles. To many years..:hurrayreiza:
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  16. Jack Sorensen

    Jack Sorensen New Member Reiza Backer

    Sep 24, 2018
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    Thx for the update and Happy New Year Reiza Studios from Sweden :hurrayreiza:
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  17. aboe_83

    aboe_83 Wepwawet Reiza Backer

    Jul 24, 2016
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    Looks like a really quite substantial update... thanks for getting this out when you did.

    Looking forward to getting to grips with the CLK LM - probably one of my fave cars to drive in a sim. Intrigued by how AMS2 interprets it.


    HNY Team Reiza :hurrayreiza:

    Thanks again :)
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  18. karloy

    karloy New Member

    Sep 1, 2020
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    Possible shared memory for motion data broke? Both Next Level Platform Manager, and Sim Racing Studio can't connect for Telemetry anymore. Deleted the Automobilista 2 Documents folder, and redid my config. Set Shared memory to Project Cars 2, UDP Protocol to Project Cars 2, and tried UDP frequency 1 as well as 9.
  19. Dolph

    Dolph Active Member

    May 21, 2020
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    Happy new year!
  20. Leynad

    Leynad Active Member Reiza Backer

    Mar 9, 2016
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    Not a problem with Sim Commander with the same settings, just UDP on 5, but shouldn't make a difference.

    But the new cars are not available for TimeTrial:(

    Happy new Year:hurrayreiza:

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