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Automobilista 2 V1.1.2.0 RELEASED - Now updated to v1.1.2.5

Discussion in 'Automobilista 2 - News & Announcements' started by Renato Simioni, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 14, 2016
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    025 (1).jpg
    The new Automobilista 2 update brings some fantastic historical content, another major batch of FFB, physics & AI developments along with several improvements & fixes.

    V1.1.1.3 -> V1.1.2.0 CHANGELOG


    • Added Spa Francorchamps 1993 layout
    • Added Group C class featuring Sauber Mercedes C9 & Porsche 962C
    • Added Stock Car 1999 Omega series
    • Implemented new LiveTrack wet weather rubber washing (rubber is now gradually washed away from track surface as it gets saturated with water)
    • Expanded available opponent classes to 9 (10 total)
    • Bumped headlight range from 160 to 240m for all cars
    • Corrected number of opponents in Championship mode to match the series current total number of opponents
    • Added function to set different presets of rubber depending on type of session (making option available to player will soon follow)
    • Added new functions to control when vehicle headlights & tail lights should remain on and DRS rules remain disabled based on track wetness threshold (previously was solely based on environment light levels)
    • Replaced Spa 2020 with Spa 1993 on the calendar of pre-2005 championships

    UI & HUD
    • Re-styled event rules & regulations page
    • Re-styled single player opponent settings page
    • Added help texts to online Opponent settings screen
    • Fixed wrong value link on gear 7/8 assignments
    • Fixed redundant adjustable wing setup option being available for cars without such aero components
    • Corrected tire names for various cars using street or semi-slick compounds
    • Fixed missing French & German localization for track limits setting
    • Adjusted font size on track limit warnings labels for Rules & Regulations UI screen

    • Introduced routine to reset FFB in case of FFB loss (game detects the loss and reset FFB automatically, should be seamless for player)
    • Adjusted default FFB profile for more accurate self-aligning torque, milder force spikes over big bumps and other such sudden tire oad.change; adjusted effect from braking torque (should provide better feedback during lockups); split FX signal from Low Force Boost setting

    • Added slow damping function to all tires (generally improves tire damping & fixes bouncing effect at very slow speeds previously proeminent in formula cars)
    • Added intermediate & extreme tyre compounds for modern protos, GTs & formulas
    • Adjusted tire tread for 60s touring cars, Opalas, Copas Fusca, Uno, Truck, Caterham Academy & F-Trainer
    • Adjusted semi-slick tire tread (F-Trainer Advanced, Caterhams, ARC Camaro)
    • Adjusted F-Vee, Opala 1979 & Old Stock tire treads
    • Increased RPM threshold for reduced engine life in 2-stroke karts
    • Moved Metalmoro AJR diffuser center of pressure rearwards by 2cm (slightly rebalancing overall aero distribution)
    • Slightly falloff rates in rain for all slick tires (addressing issues with tires losing all adherence beyond a certain saturation point)
    • Minor stifness adjustment to GT / Proto / StockCar tire carcasses
    • Added minor preload resistance to open diffs in cars with more powerful engines
    • Adjusted Porsche 911 GT1 engine compression curve
    • Adjusted default gear ratios for Mclaren F1 GTR & Mercedes CLK in GT1 class
    • Minor crankshaft mass adjustments to F1 cars
    • Corrected 720S GT3 negative rear toe setting (setup reset recommended)
    • Moved default brake bias slightly rearwards for Copa Truck, F-Trainers (requires setup reset recommended)

    • Various AI behavior improvements, adding car-specific parameters to improve their overtaking assesments both against human player and AI vs AI
    • Added car-specific overrides for previously global parameters controlling the amount of lifting off the throttle AI would do while running over puddles, & introduced new car-specific parameter controlling the amount of lifting while on wet tires (generally less than on dry tires, improves their straightline performance when going through large amounts of standing water)
    • Added several car-specific overrides for previously global AI parameters such as brake and reaccelaration distance thresholds, start reaction times, distance triggers for defending position
    • Reduced likelihood of AI crashing into wall when side by side with human
    • Increased AI drivers performance range
    • Minor AI callibration pass for performance dropoff with tire wear
    • Azure: Smoothed corridors in several locations
    • Slightly increased AI grip @ Bathurst, Nurburgring GP & Velocitta

    • Adelaide: reduced road mesh noise; smooth curb at entrance to T13
    • Imola: Fixed camera man pop up
    • Kyalami: removed glitchy helicopter animation
    • Silverstone: trimmed 3D grass clipping walls in some places; fixed a few object pop ups; consolidated some grand stands into larger objects (same materials); optimized shadows
    • Revised "Max AI participants" for various tracks, correcting when this differed from available garage slots
    • Disabled DOF blur in all trackside VR cams for tracks that have them (currently only Grade A tracks)

    • F-V10 Gen2: fixed visual tire tread not corresponding the actual tire when switching from wet to dry
    • F-Classic (all gens): added Dirt/Scratch map + New UV channel 3 mapping for carbon fiber cockpit material
    • Copa Montana: added Dirt/Scratch map
    • BMW M6 GT3: Fixed red carpaint issue in cockpit view (car #91)
    • F-V10: Fixed visual glitch with windscreen in rain
    • Gol Classic B: Fixed front splitter glitch
    • Ultima GTR: Fixed oil pressure needle
    • F3 F309: corrected RPM bars range
    • Lancer R & RS: Livery override entry added for windscreen and wing
    • Corrected cockpit POV in Metalmoro AJR, Mclaren 570S, Ultima GTR
    • Corrected rain tire tread for F-Retros

    V1.1.2.1 Changelog:

    • Fixed bug where blue flag could be triggered incorrectly in some instances
    • Minor adjustments to aero / tires for Group C cars & Omega
    • Minor Group C BoP adjustment to improve 962C pace against Sauber C9 (slightly better aero efficiency)
    • Minior AI callibration pass for Prototypes, SprintRace & SuperV8
    • Adjusted Turbo Volume for Sauber C9
    • Increased wet grip for concrete, low grip roads, curbs & astrotruf
    • Spa-Francorchamps 1993: New AI path revision addressing some slow corners; minor art pass correcting some objects popping
    • Ibarra: Reworked outer terrain export settings to solve LOD pop in rear view mirror
    • Updated StockCar Omega interior textures

    • AI performance callibration for Opala86 & Omega
    • Fixed Porsche 962c still having spool enabled (now its a setup optional)
    • Further art pass for Spa Francorchamps 1993
    • Minor audio adjustments to Sauber C9, Omega Stock Car
    • Minor AI callibration pass for all F1 cars, Opala 1986, Omega 1999, StockV8 & Sprintrace
    • Adjusted Omega StockCar windshield texture

    V1.1.2.3 CHANGELOG
    • Added support new Logitech SDK, TrueForce technology & G923 controller
    • LiveTrack now applies even standard water saturation accross whole track at start of session if first weather slot is rainy (previously racing line would be slightly drier)
    • Fixed bug where LiveTrack wasn't correctly identifying covered areas such as Azure tunnel.
    • Tire tread physics adjustments for F-Reiza, F-V10, F-Ultimate, F-Classic, F-Retro, F-Vintage, Procar, Group A, Group C, Superkart
    • F-Classic (all cars): Adjusted rear wing efficiency
    • Minor pneumatic trail adjustments for F-Retro, F-Vintage, F-Classics, Lancer Cup
    • Reduced braking distance threshold for AI on formula cars
    • Ai callibration pass for F-Reiza, F-Vintage, F-Trainer, Group C
    • Reduced distance AI cars factor cars behind to take a defensive line
    • Adjusted AI Grip multi for Nurburgring Veedol layout
    • Added new Stock Car Omega engine sounds.
    • Adjusted Mercedes CLK GT1 shift sounds & external engine sounds.
    • Nurburgring: Art & optimization pass for all layouts
    • Brands Hatch: Added VR trackside cams
    • MINI Cooper 1965: Reworked rear number plate; added additional skin
    • Lotus 23: Replicated default official liveries to help fill up the grid (4 in total)
    • F-Ultimate: Added Dirt/Scratch map
    • Ginetta G40 GT5: Added new livery (#28 Mike Channell)

    V1.1.2.5 CHANGELOG

    • Added Stock Car 2021 series

    UI & HUD
    • Fixed AI name occasionally disappearing from list in session timing board
    • Fixed name text being partially clipped in session timing board
    • Added missing DRS on trackmaps of circuits featuring DRS zones (Azure, Hockenheim, Imola, Kansai, Montreal, Nurburgring, Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Spielberg)

    • Further tweaks and cleanup of new TrueForce device and Logitech sdk support
    • Added pneumatic trail, caster trail, rar wheels forces as customizable variables FFB script
    • Fixed in-session per vehicle FFB adjustments not being maintained when restarting a sessionRevised F-Retro tires
    • Minor tire tread adjustments for F-Vintage, F-Trainer, GT3, P1, intermediate & wet compounds
    • Initial pass on tire wear revisions for various compounds (WIP)
    • Adjusted splitter / Front Wing height sensitivity for Group A, F-Vintage, F-Classic, Copa Classic, Hot Cars, Ginetta G58, Camaro GT4R, F-Trainer, Superkart, ARC Camaro
    • Corrected error on Opala differentials introduced in the previous build which led to it not being fully open
    • Adjusted Ginetta G58 damper rates
    • Adjusted pneumatic trail for Porsches & F-Vintages
    • Reduced pitch & yaw sensitivity for Group C cars
    • Adjusted Procar default rear ARB & clutch setting
    • Minor timing adjustments to F-Ultimate gearbox

    • Further callibration of AI wet weather performance
    • Further customized AI brake distance offsets per car
    • Minor Bathurst AI Grip adjustments

    • Updated SprintRace transmission whine
    • Updated Porsche 911 GT1 engine & turbo sound
    • Updated McLaren F1 LM: engine sound

    • Cascais: Minor art & performance pass
    • Silverstone: Minor art & performance pass
    • Added VR trackside cams to Snetterton 300 & VIR Full
    • Added rainblockers to indoor section of Speedland kart layouts
    • Updated trackside ads for Interlagos & Goiania

    • Super V8: Fixed incorrect team names
    • Stock Corolla: Fixed Brake disc visual glitch
    • Omega StockCar: Fixed the RF wheel arch edge loops
    • Fixed base windscreen textures to fix white windscreen problem on some cars when users turn on livery overrides

    • Fixed version number still displaying as v1.1.2.4 in main menu instead of v1.1.2.5
    • Stock Car 2020/2021: Revised tire carcass physics, suspension rates, front splitter aero; reduced default caster; Minor adjustment to FFB max force
    • Stock Car Cruze 2019: Stiffer damper default damper rates; Minor adjustment to FFB max force
    • Increased FFB smootheness in 60s TC cars
    • Minor Group C soft tire tread adjustment
    • SuperV8: Minor tire carcass adjustment, CoG height reduction
    • Spa-Francorchamps: Added some remaining minor trackside objects; missing start lights
    • Brands Hatch: Fixed trackside cameras not working in Indy layout
    • Further trackside advertising updates for Stock Car tracks
    • StockCar Corolla 20/21: Removed Suzuki driver name sticker from steering wheel
    • Further trackside advertising work for Stock Car tracks
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2021
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  2. Stakanov

    Stakanov Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2020
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  3. MCor57

    MCor57 Active Member

    Aug 15, 2020
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    thank you so much for the new content!:hurrayreiza:
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  4. Coanda

    Coanda ohhh whinge whinge f@#ken whinge.. Staff Member Reiza Backer

    Apr 8, 2020
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    legends! :cool:

    .. that should shut a few people up..
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  5. Coanda

    Coanda ohhh whinge whinge f@#ken whinge.. Staff Member Reiza Backer

    Apr 8, 2020
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    nice :cool:
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  6. bandqit

    bandqit Active Member

    Dec 19, 2020
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    Just did a few laps in the Porsche at sunrise.

    With the absolute definition of a **** eating grin on my face.

    You guys frickin rule.
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  7. deadly

    deadly Well-Known Member

    Jul 8, 2016
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    was just wondering why my game refuses to start - then i checked that the update gets downloaded via steam.:D

    can't wait to do my laps in spa with the old bus stop!:)
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2021
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  8. alink

    alink Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2017
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    My lovely Bus Stop chicane is back!
    When driving this track, it is a shame to know what happens to the beautiful Spa track about 15 years later and how it looks today.

    REIZA - great and hyper super work, again!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! ss172425.jpg
    And alongside the hype of GroupC cars, the Omegas are really cool to drive, too. A big THANKS!
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2021
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  9. Flo Renz

    Flo Renz Member

    Aug 15, 2020
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    Now we are talking! Thank you very much guys:)
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2021
  10. Harvey Mushman

    Harvey Mushman New Member

    Apr 4, 2020
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    Thank you so much!! You guys are great!!!
  11. ControlLogix

    ControlLogix Active Member

    Nov 22, 2020
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    Under AI, there is mention of "car-specific overrides" for some AI behavior. Where do I find these overrides? I looked through the menus in game and don't see anything. Is there a file somewhere in my documents folder?
  12. kkdrummer

    kkdrummer Well-Known Member Reiza Backer

    Jun 25, 2016
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    This is for the AI behaviour. It is not a setting the user can change.
  13. Coanda

    Coanda ohhh whinge whinge f@#ken whinge.. Staff Member Reiza Backer

    Apr 8, 2020
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    F@#K ME!

    I just tested this odd combo at Bathurst and the Ai were unreal. I watched from the pit in FP1 how the faster cars navigated through traffic and it was very natural looking. In the race they also behaved very well.

    A very nice step for the Ai. :cool::cool::cool:

    Last edited: Feb 28, 2021
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  14. Coanda

    Coanda ohhh whinge whinge f@#ken whinge.. Staff Member Reiza Backer

    Apr 8, 2020
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    Much improved for me on my test mule; G58 at Silverstone 2001. :cool:

    Add: Super V8 is improved too..
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2021
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  15. GodzillaGTR

    GodzillaGTR Active Member Reiza Backer

    Feb 4, 2017
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    There seems to be an issue with the Dedi server. Has anyone run into this? Gives a track ID error
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  16. Kuku Maddog

    Kuku Maddog Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2020
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    Sounds like some of @Karsten Hvidberg work with FFB has been adopted. How progressive is that from the developers. :)
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  17. DaVeX

    DaVeX AMSUnofficial Staff Reiza Backer

    Mar 8, 2016
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    ok...fine...all good and beautiful...now roadmap please...pretty please....need to know what will come next...
    (I am on the beta so no surprises for me and I need strong emotions or I will enter the alcohol/drugs circle and no one wants this? right? right?)
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2021
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  18. GearNazi

    GearNazi Active Member

    Oct 9, 2020
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    Yes, yes and yes! But let's be honest here, what track wasn't superior in terms of sheer excitement in 1993?
    The Omega really, really surprised me, too much fun.
    The sound on the Porsche 962C?! Good thing I have the day off tomorrow...
  19. Fabian Biehne

    Fabian Biehne Well-Known Member Reiza Backer

    Apr 25, 2016
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    Seriously....who needs the modern Spa when you can have the 80s/90s version? So much better.
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  20. barnett71

    barnett71 New Member

    Feb 12, 2021
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    just watched a 32 car multi-class AI race at bathurst and I gotta say what a great effort on this new patch - The AI behave much better :)

    One thing that still bugs me (a little) is how 'tanky' the cars are - IN this ai race i seen quite a few heavy hits on the side and from behind and the cars dont budge one bit

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