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Couple of bugs

Discussion in 'Automobilista - General Discussion' started by Philip00, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Philip00

    Philip00 Member

    Apr 11, 2016
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    Hi @Renato Simioni

    I have created this thread because I have seen there was a hotfix in AMS beta which is fixed several issues however there are some bugs which haven't fixed yet and I would like to know that those are going to be fixed in the future.

    "Another problem happens sometimes is while racing, some car or two cars get +1 lap behind while they all are racing together... sometimes happen, sometimes doesn't. Simply a car get +1 lap behind random.

    This was mentoned on this thread: Petrobras Marcas AI Problem with video evidience and unfortunately i have expereinced this in offline too.

    Track & Layout Used: Any
    Car Used: Any
    Applicable Settings: Any
    Report: If I put AIPitThreshold= line in the tbc the game not respect for different tire compounds different values only once a global one. (example I put AIPitThreshold=0.94 line for Supersoft compound but miss this line in Soft compound, the AI still pit tires for soft compund as well when the threshold number reach what i have set for supersoft. I have also tried different values for Soft however the AI pit in the exactly same time for Soft tires like for supersoft no matter what the values is AIPitThreshold in Soft.)
    Steps to reproduce: Put different values for AIPitThreshold in different compounds where tbc is available

    This has been so useful to make different AIPitThreshold for different compounds regarding the AIstrategy.

    This is not a bnug however it can be very useful which i have described inother thread
    Hi Renato,

    Thanks for the clarification. I would like to know that ai would be capable of changing between the tire compunds multiple times refer to the GDB order. I kmow and I completely uderstand there won't be any new features or content however this feature is already added(AI capable of tyre compund change already) and that would olny be a small fix regarding this. Because right now the player has advantage over the AI. I can change from ultrasoft to supersoft and 10 laps before the end of the race to ultrasoft again however the AI can only change from ultrasoft to supersoft and only for supersoft furthermore.

    I have tried to contact with you in the couple of months regarding the issues above without luck. I know you are quite busy and I really appricieate the work that you and the team did for AMS becasue its the best reacing sim in my opinion especially racing offline with the AI.

    That is why would like to ask you if you have some little time please answer this thread that those issues is going to be fixed or not becasue I think it would be makes the offline race even better.

    Thank you in Advance,


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