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Drifting has been announced, whaaaat?

Discussion in 'Automobilista - General Discussion' started by mmaruda, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. mmaruda

    mmaruda Member Reiza Backer

    Jun 28, 2016
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    Wait! Drifting? In AMS?! Are you guys for real? Yes, please, oh yes, do this to me again and again!

    Now I kind of suck at being dorito kingu here, but my biggest gripe with going sideways in sims is... none of them really facilitate it right. The go-to title would be Assetto, especially with it's proper Initial D content pack and various touge tracks, but the FFB in the game really makes it sort of chore to someone who picked up the sideways-hat style of driving only in Assetto. I honestly couldn't get the hang of it until I tried a Supra drift mod for rF2 and that allowed me to translate what I have learned over to AC. Still going sideways in Assetto doesn't feel exactly right to me, yet in AMS IT'S THE D ('Dream' for those who don't watch Chinese cartoons)! It kind of feels weird to do it in the Formula Vintage though, not sure Fujiwara-San would approve.

    Now that said, I want to complain! :D

    From what I understood, it's going to be the Lan Evo with some scoring system and specifically designed tracks... Oh boy! Dear Reiza, I love you guys with all my heart for what you have done to vehicle physics and handling, but please, reconsider. Lan Evos are fine, but we need something small, rear-wheel drive and purpose-built to deliver tofu. I don't care if it's fictional, I don't care if it's a 1.3 diesel Passeratti with a drivetrain swap. All I care for is that it's not a truck and not a 4x4 and one other little thing... Point to point mountain roads! All that clipping-points stuff and flat sweeper circuits have a place and that place is called the USA, just like ovals (and I don't hate on ovals, I like them very much). The added benefit here would be to allow those who think proper driving is king to duel with the dorito-kids and show them how it's done (or fail miserably).

    In any case, whatever you guys do, I am on board and will continue to work on my home altar dedicated to Niels , but in case any of the devs (or you, beautiful mod-making people) reads this and thinks "hey, Mmaruda might be on to something here", do me a solid and throw something in there to tickle my fancy in this regard maybe?

    Anyways, I still have a DVD drive in my PC, though it didn't have any use in the past few years and I kind of think it's just there now to accept dollar bills for niche simulation games. Just tell me when to feed it. :)

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