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Formula truck 2013 v1.25 released

Discussion in 'Formula Truck' started by Reiza Studios, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Reiza Studios

    Reiza Studios Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 22, 2016
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    [Initially posted: Apr 18, 2015]
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    Reiza Studios have released a new version of Formula Truck 2013 on Steam bringing the PC simulator up to version 1.25.


    • Added Salvador Street Circuit
    General features / Bug Fixes
    • Added option to set session start time (24h cycle);
    • Added options to switch qualifying off and manually set grid position;
    • Fixed trackside flags animation;
    • Added support for graphical steering wheel rotation adjustment from the Controller menu (min 180º max 900º);
    • Adjusted default rearview height / width;
    • Minimum vertical FOV setting adjusted from 35º to 10º (IMPORTANT - Don´t use DEFAULT option as it resets to 34 upon restarting the game - set it to 50 if you want the proper default value);
    • Executable now is set to include +fullproc by default (for better performance in modern CPUs);
    • Adjusted LOD settings for all Trucks;
    • Increased rear view mirror resolution;
    • Updated terrain shaders & textures for Cascavel, Londrina, Spielberg and Tarumã;
    • Fixed missing Sector points at Jacarepagua 2005;
    • Improved AI racing lines for Brasilia Long, Jacarepagua 2005 & Cordoba;
    • Fixed road line alpha sorting issue with 3d grass at Buenos Aires, Goiania & Spielberg.
    • Added a default player profile (if you already have created a profile you might have to switch back to it from the PROFILE menu);
    • If field of view in-cockpit is too close, check DEFAULT Vertical FOV so it is not set to DEFAULT value (set it to 50 if you want the proper default value);
    • If you have created a new player profile and are experiencing the graphical microstutterinmg, open your USERDATA\Playername\Playername.PLR, and look for these lines:
    Shadow Updates="127" // Static shadow updates per frame (Shadow Updates * Sky Update Frames should exceed number of static shadows on track)
    Sky Update Frames="8" // Frames between sky and light updates

    Change it to:

    Shadow Updates="8" // Static shadow updates per frame (Shadow Updates * Sky Update Frames should exceed number of static shadows on track)
    Sky Update Frames="150" // Frames between sky and light updates
  2. pennarguy

    pennarguy Active Member

    Mar 8, 2016
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  3. Marcelo Rosario

    Marcelo Rosario New Member

    Sep 27, 2016
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    eu adquiri Uma version da vapor fazer jogo, ELE NÃO Funciona, Toda vez Que inicio o jogo ele fecha automaticamente se eu clicar em qualquer opção do menu. já tentei entrar em contato com o suporte da reiza e eles não mi deram nenhum retorno. o que devo fazer?
  4. kidx

    kidx New Member

    Feb 17, 2017
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    Pretty much Rezia, Said they would fix the mismatch issues. Well instead of fixing this they moved on to Automobilista, Leaving us Formula Truck 2013 owner to buy Automobilista for 43 bucks. Hey we spent 16.99 or 4.99 on your Formula truck 2013 at least you can, Fix the mismatch issues and what not before moving on and forcing the people who made you money and also made Formula Trucks popular of a steam worthy title. Well am I mad yes casue I am forced to buy an all in one Iracing style of game and I don't want that I want only Formula Trucks. Also the second time around when integrating Formula Trucks with Automobilista I found the game lost its edge it went from standalone unique to another all in one no dedication game. Some people disagree cause they got deals but for others that don't care for an all in one solution a only want to race Formula Trucks 2013 that's your only choice or even better look on youtube to watch the real Formula Trucks. Hope it goes good in your journey to fixing your game.
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    JB VAN SICKLE New Member

    Mar 10, 2017
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    Question - If "all in one iRacing style racing" is real time multiplayer available?

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