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    Mar 12, 2016
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    Sorry for the list, but I am beginning to lose track of what I have posted and what has been acknowledged.

    New issues / observations that I am reporting now:
    • A couple of times my car assignment has not been saved. For example, with Ultima GTR 720 I usually drive car number 06 but more than once I don't notice until I get to the track that I sitting on the wrong side of the car. Is this a known issue?
    • Similarly, although this happened only once that I noticed, I seem to randomly get 26 Ultima's (you can see in my video where I am wondering why there are so many red cars) at Spielberg. Is this a known issue?
    Recently-reported issues which am not sure have been acknowledged (is there a recommended workaround?)
    • 620R AI pitting on last lap at Suzuka (reported in Luciano's AI tips thread with results file)
    • Ultima GTR 720 AI using full tank in 20 minute timed race at Historic Interlagos
      • Attempting to develop a hypothesis that is related to timed races, I also tested using laps as the duration type and with 8 laps as the duration. AI still took on too much fuel.
    Long-standing issues:
    • Missing lap information in UI and result logs
      • Here is example of numerous and very frequent issues with race results
    Some of these things it would be helpful to know if they are known so I can add items to my pre-race checklist to prevent issues. For example, I now feel like I have to document what combos work with 20 minute races and treat all other combos as test races to confirm that they will work. But this might be overkill if the 620R at Suzuka is truly an anomaly.


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