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    In late 1963 Henry Ford II decided that if Ferrari couldn't be bought, he would be beaten - by a Ford - cost no object. But Ferrari wouldn't go down without an epic fight!

    FvF Remastered Logo.jpg

    The mod is fine tuned for both offline and online racing. The cars are fully balanced for performance while still maintaining its own particular driving characteristics.

    These cars are designed to be driven using H-Pattern shiftting and the heel and toe technique. You can still paddle shift them in the sim but you will have to reasonably lift the throttle on the upshifts and blip on downshifts to avoid considerable clutch slippage. This is done to reduce some of the advantage sequential shifting generally enjoys online.

    Tire wear and fuel usage are realistic for the era but this does mean that pitstops are only needed for long races. Using the fuel and tire multipliers (of 2x or 3x) will generally force a pit stop every 20 to 30mins. Due to the realistic low tire wear rubbering of the track is also slow. It is recommended to increase the track progression multiplier to between 2x (for short tracks) and 5x (for long tracks) if you start with a none or light usage level. Alternatively just set the usage/rubbering to high if you don't want to wait for the track to rubber up.

    Pit stops are slow. Fuel and Tires can be taken at the same time. A full tank takes approximately 40 seconds to refuel (with each car differing slightly). To replace all four tires it takes approximately 50 seconds. These values were chosen for realism as well as to make taking tires (or not!) a tactical decision. Taking tires with a full tank of fuel will cost you approximately 10 extra seconds in the pits - but you will have fresh rubber! It's also possible to take only 2 tires and less of a full tank of fuel to save even more time depending on the conditions.

    A recommended race length is of at least 50 minutes to take full advantage of everything the mod has to offer.

    Ferrari 330 P3 skin credits go to:
    Cae Lumen ------> nº 12, 18, 358, 376, 454 and 457;
    Manuel Sertino -> nº 17, 37, 39, 41, 65, 71, 72, 83 and 99;
    Munty -------------> nº 3, 10, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 33, 220, 220b and 224;
    Flip -----------------> nº 27, 78, 88 and 96;
    GTSpeedster ----> nº 39, 53, 59, 60 and 77;
    Politzania ---------> nº 44, 69 and 70.

    Ford GT40 Mk.1 skin credits go to:
    Cae Lumen ------> nº 67, 68, 252, 255, 307, 605, 779 and 788;
    Manuel Sertino -> nº 66;
    Flip -----------------> nº 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9;
    GTSpeedster ----> nº 11, 13, 14, 15, 29, 30, 32, 40, 61, 68, 86, 95 and 98.

    Previous versions' logs included in the README file.

    2.0 REMASTERED log:
    + Completely rebuilt the entire file structure of the mod, all geometries, textures and materials' names for the sake of dependency optimization as well as to keep up with my latest standards;
    + Revised tire textures;
    + Replaced 3D driver model;
    + Revised head physics;
    + Revised AI (tires and performance);
    + Revised draft balance and draft lift;
    + New balance of performance (BOP2);
    + Added different driver faces and colored helmets (now also customizable via wildcards);
    + Revised all pivot points;
    + Revised all engine emission sounds;
    + Rebuilt all headlights' flares;
    + Revised all eyepoint and cockpit mirrors (mapping and position);
    + Added rear-end elements to be shown on the new rear view mirrors;
    + Revised all cockpit windshields and windows (new shaders, textures and geometry fixes where needed);
    + Revised all steering wheels;
    + Rebuilt all backfires;
    + Revised Ferrari 330 P3's two cockpits;
    + Revised Ford GT40 Mk.1's textures and specular maps;
    + Added driver's moving arms;
    + Rebuilt all cockpit instruments for the Ferrari 330 P3 and the Ford GT40 Mk.1 (all geometries, new textures, needles and new glasses with scratches and dust);
    + Added lights and indicators to the cockpit instruments the Ferrari 330 P3 and the Ford GT40 Mk.1;
    + Added external light emission for gauges and dashboard lights for all of the four models (geometries and textures both for upgradable lights and headlight proper);
    + Rebuilt Ford GT40 Mk.1's rims, tires and brake geometries;
    + New UV mapping for the Ford GT40 Mk.1 (body, metals, appendices);
    + New baked AO for the Ford GT40 Mk.1;
    + New textures/AO and wildcard entries for the Ford GT40 Mk.1's front winglet and tow hooks;
    + Completely re-painted (due new UV mapping) all 27 previous skins and their alpha channels for the Ford GT40 Mk.1 (original designs kept and full credits remain with their respective creators);
    + Added 3 new skins (nº68, 95 and 98) and vehicle files for the Ford GT40 Mk.1 to a new total of 30;
    + Added 2 new skin (nº39 and 60) and vehicle files for the Ferrari 330 P3 to a new total of 30;
    + Added 4 new talent to a new total of 66;
    + Ford GT40 Mk.1's stalk mirrors still paintable directly on the skins;
    + Revised AO and specular mapping for the Ferrari 330 P3;
    + Revised Ferrari 330 P3's rims and genstrings (reworked new geometries, new textures and added genstrings for four different colors);
    + Revised Ford GT40 Mk.1's rims with new textures and AO;
    + New projectors/light emissions (headlights and brake lights) for all cars (textures, radius and positions);
    + Rebuilt the previously oversized Ferrari 330 P3's cockpit body shell in order to perfectly match the outside dimensions and the collision points;
    + Revised Ferrari 330 P3's eyepoint due new body and mirrors;
    + Rebuilt steering wheels (cockpit and external views), driver's arms and new windshield wiper for the Ferrari 330 P3;
    + New AO and textures for some of the elements in the Ferrari 330 P3's cockpit;
    + Added rim blur at speed and brake glow for all cars (new geometries and textures);
    + Rebuilt all spinners and generators;
    + Revised damage model for all cars;
    - Replaced: Shelby GT500 Super Snake as a fictional Safety Car;
    + Completely re-painted Ferrari 330 P3' skins nº 53, 59 and 77 and their alpha channels;
    + Revised all other previous 25 Ferrari 330 P3's skins and their alpha channels (original designs kept and full credits remain with their respective creators);
    + Revised all talent files;
    + Rebuilt headlights, tail lights and brake lights for the Ferrari 330 P3 (over 60 new geometries and textures);
    + New textures, normals and AO for all metallic bits of the Ferrari 330 P3 body;
    + Rebuilt body and cockpit for the Ferrari 330 P3 Spyder chassis (geometry and vertex fixes);
    + New Ferrari 330 P3's wheel nuts (new geometry, textures, normals and AO);
    + Rebuilt the Ferrari 330 P3's underbody and added a new spare tire (geometries, textures, AO and genstrings);
    + Remodelled and recentered the Ford GT40 Mk.1's steering wheels, revised the steering columns, driver's arms and all related pivot points;
    + Added a Shelby Cobra as the fictional Safety Car;
    - Postponed: new cars to be released as future add-on;
    + Added new custom templates and viewers for all cars;
    + Revised series' banner and icon.

    FvF Remastered Screenshot.jpg

    Dedicated to all Automobilista players.

    Originally a joint effort between GTSpeedster and J-Turn with the key contributions from Cae Lumen, Erwin Schmidt, Flip, Juan Carrillo, Manuel Sertino, Munty, Politzania and Tom Rogerson.

    New Retro is a figment of your imagination.


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    Wow .... Fantastic Mod with great feel ( DD Drive Wheel ) and Awesome sounds !
    A True Simulation that rewards Driver in spades . Love It
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    may I ask you which DD do you use with AMS ?
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    Hey , I have used Moza R 21 , Simucube Pro and VRS Direct force Pro. I am currently using my favorite DD System ( Simxperience Accuforce Pro ) It has by far the best tuning software on the market.
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