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My humble wishlist for AMS 2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mmaruda, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. mmaruda

    mmaruda Member

    Jun 28, 2016
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    So I have looked at various threads and people discuss the engine, what licensed series they want and all... I figured I'd try to add my five cents, but with a slightly different take on the subject.

    Unreal Engine or not? Honestly, I have a problem with UE4 games - most games on it I play run poorly. Sqaud has constant framerate issues, Gears of War Ultimate Edition also tanks in some levels... There is a few more. Recently ACC alpha went live and while in car I get a solid 60 FPS with rain and AI cars, replays drop to a stutterfest, regardless of my settings. Granted this is on a GTX980, but it's not like what I see on the screen is mind-blowing. There also seems to be some focus on using not very effective anti-alliasing techniques or whatever, but image shimmering is a common thing. In any case, I am not someone who has the knowledge to say Unreal is good or bad. There is another engine however, that always blows my mind - the EGO engine Codemasters use. It's got everything you might want in a racing game - great visuals, details tracks, animated crowds cheering, day, night, rain, snow and it runs like butter on older hardware. Oh yeah and it's got a kickass damage model.

    Whatever engine is chosen, I would be extremely happy, if it could deliver what EGO does - great visuals, smooth performance at relatively low requirements and that live and loud experience of a motorsport event in various weather and hitting a wall resulting in a wrecked car rather than a few scratches and a my wheel offset from the centre.

    And that is something I have been craving for in a long time - proper damage. Each time this is mentioned the tired mantra of "you are not supposed to crash in racing" is repeated by everyone, but at the same time, accidents are part of racing and those cars get torn to shreds, while in sims they only get a few scratches and maybe some mechanical damage. What if crashing into someone had similar consequences like in real life - a wrecked on the side of the track, a damaged radiator that will make your engine die in half a lap? Maybe that would solve the ever-present issue of online racing experience and turn one pileups? Because the way I understand it, people don't do that stuff IRL primarily not because it's forbidden, but because it's dangerous?

    Let's talk content though. People talk about GT3s and all that popular stuff and I think this was a common complaint with AMS - because everything has to have Porsches and Ferraris with huge wings on them. Not really against all that, but the thing is everything already does. Reiza titles introduced us to the obscure world of Brazilian racing and it's glorious! There is so much stuff that is just new the the average simracer. Not focusing on what every other title does isn't a flaw, it's a huge advantage. You can race on Monza or Brands in a Lambo with a huge wing, it's exciting and all, but everyone has already done it a thousand times. But how many sims put you on Yahuarcocha and that huge wing is attached to a Beetle? I recently tried some of the ovals in AMS and they are super-fun as well. Completely different to US ovals. You get cars you have never driven in sims, tracks you have no knowledge of, there is so much stuff to experience and learn. I would love if AMS 2 had more of that, rather than going the beaten path of GT3s, modern F1and popular street cars. If anything, AMS got me interested in Brazilian motorsport, a topic to which I have been oblivious and I consider it a great thing.
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  2. PieroX

    PieroX Member

    Nov 24, 2016
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    Agree on the last part. I discovered tracks that I've never heard of before and they are great !
    Reiza also did an amazing job on the well-known european tracks but with that Reiza touch : the old layouts !
    BTW, we approach the end of september... ;)
  3. bobdihi

    bobdihi New Member

    Apr 3, 2018
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    I wish AMS 2 existed.
  4. xnorb

    xnorb Active Member

    Mar 10, 2016
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    With ACC out you pretty much can't win the fight for GT3 content anymore, so better not even try.

    Of course you need to have something of that sort around - just don't put your main focus on that.
    Same goes for the european tracks - if you can't put them in your game just give modders the possibility to deliver them for you.

    But i doubt Reiza will really wander far off their trusted path anyways.
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  5. DaVeX

    DaVeX Well-Known Member

    Mar 8, 2016
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    Licensing Porsche GT3 Cup and GT4 Cars instead of Boxer Cup can help for sure...I will also go for IMSA tracks so even if not licensing IMSA series we could recreate that...
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