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2nd April 2020 - Launch Party at RevolutionSimRacing

Discussion in 'Fan Sites & Community Events' started by t0daY, Mar 31, 2020.

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    Jun 30, 2019
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    Link to original thread: Automobilista 2 Early Access Launch Party
    Everyone is welcome to join us in our first exploratory event in Automobilista 2! We'll be doing a whole bunch of sprint races together, sampling the variety of content & handling model this new game has to offer.

    No sign up needed, just Register at our forum and join us on TeamSpeak 3 before any of the qualifying sessions!

    Car: Various
    Track: Various

    Date: Thursday, 2nd April 2020
    18:30 UTC - Driver Briefing
    18:35 UTC - Qualifying 1
    18:45 UTC - Race 1
    19:05 UTC - Qualifying 2
    19:15 UTC - Race 2
    (Repeat until late)

    In-game Date:
    2nd April 2020
    Time Progression: Real Time
    Weather Progression: Sync to Race

    10 Minutes
    Start Time: Various
    Weather Forecast: Various

    15 Minutes
    Start Time: Various
    Weather Forecast: Various

    Starting Procedure: Standing Start, when the in-game lights turn green the race starts - stay alert and look out for slow starters.
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