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  1. R00bDriver

    R00bDriver Member

    Jun 26, 2021
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    Ok, morning everyone, two things:

    1) I can't get on with this AI, they just seem to not have a clue I'm in front of them.

    Last night I had an AI punt me from behind, whilst it was going off track on a corner to try and get passed, they punted me and drove through me like I wasn't even there, spinning me around and buggering off up the road.

    I've had soo many times when this has happened it's getting extremely frustrating.
    And it doesn't seem to matter which car or track, or aggression settings. I've pretty much given up on having AI on track now.

    I can escape the punting if I make the AI slower than my general pace, which is boring, as I quickly find myself at the front of the pack doing hotlaps.

    I guess I'm just waiting for future updates and hope it gets corrected.

    2) Is there anyway to stop the front end constantly bouncing in the Porsche GTE?

    It's as if the bumps in the road are not even soaked up by the suspension, like the bumps just push the car up regardless of what I change the suspension set up - admittedly I've not exhaustively changed every thing , hence why I'm asking if anyone has figured it out.

    You can hear the loss of grip with the engine note constantly changing when the tyres lose traction.

    Thanks all

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