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Brazilian Stock Car Setup Woes !!!

Discussion in 'Automobilista - General Discussion' started by Gilles Lalonde, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Gilles Lalonde

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    Dec 22, 2017
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    Hi guys,

    At the MNRL on Champion Motorsports, we've been running a Brazilian Stock Car series and since the beginning, I have been struggling with how this cars react to setup change.

    Lately, to understand the mathematics behind suspension physics, I've switched how Automobilista displays the shock absorbers adjustments.

    In the Player's file, .PLR, the field "Damper Units", permits the display either as "Settings" (e.g. 1-20) or as "Rate" (e.g. 1000-9000 N/m/s). It's line number 400, it's 60 lines from the bottom, there's a succession of

    QUICK Race Laps
    MULTI Race Laps
    QUICK Race Time
    MULTI Race Time

    It's 2 lines up from that series, the exact line is:
    Damper Units="1" // Display dampers (shocks) in garage as: 0 = setting (e.g. 1-20), 1 = rate (e.g. 1000-9000 N/m/s)

    You will not see what I'm talking about if your adjustments are 1,2,3,4,5, etc.
    When the Rate display is switched on, the shock adjustments are shown as N/m/s or as lbs/in/s.

    Which, from an .SVM file, equals:
    SlowBumpSetting = 7 // 34.3 lbs/in/s
    SlowReboundSetting = 7 // 42.8 lbs/in/s
    FastBumpSetting = 7 // 14.3 lbs/in/s
    FastReboundSetting = 7 // 20.0 lbs/in/s

    The funny thing is this: If you augment the Slow Bump rate, the Fast Bump rate will diminish.
    Same for the Rebounds, augmenting the Slow rate lowers the Fast rate:

    SlowBumpSetting=13//44.0 lbs/in/s
    SlowReboundSetting=13//55.1 lbs/in/s
    FastBumpSetting=13//11.8 lbs/in/s
    FastReboundSetting=13//17.5 lbs/in/s


    SlowBumpSetting = 7 // 6000 N/m/s
    SlowReboundSetting = 7 // 7500 N/m/s
    FastBumpSetting = 7 // 2500 N/m/s
    FastReboundSetting = 7 // 3500 N/m/s
    SlowBumpSetting = 13 // 7714 N/m/s
    SlowReboundSetting = 13 // 9643 N/m/s
    FastBumpSetting = 13 // 2071 N/m/s
    FastReboundSetting = 13 // 3071 N/m/s

    So I looked all over for a Brazilian StockCar mod for rFactor and found a 2014 from GSC. The damper specs seem to match the present 2017 AMS Series:

    SlowBumpRange=(4000, 285.714285714286, 15)
    SlowReboundRange=(5000, 357.142857142857, 15)
    FastBumpRange=(3000, -71.4285714285714, 15)
    FastReboundRange=(4000, -71.4285714285714, 15)

    1st value is the base setting. 2nd is each step. The third value is how many steps.

    The step of the fast range are negative? Does not compute!

    I never saw that before. I checked all of my installed mods that have a readily available .HDV file.
    I made a search, in AMS; 30 HDVs, in rFactor 1; 405 HDVs. The only other mod to have negative Fast Bumps and Rebounds is the PaceCar Mini_SC. All other have positive values.

    Is that for real? In real life, in South America, do they have their Shock rates upside down?
    I would be surprised.

    I suggest that the values should be switched to positive ones.

    Thank You
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