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Bug in Latest AMS2 Dedicated Server

Discussion in 'Automobilista 2 - Help & Support' started by Aeomer, Sep 14, 2021 at 4:50 PM.

  1. Aeomer

    Aeomer New Member

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    Problem: Spa Historic 1993 changes to Londrina Long once connected to a server.
    Other notes:
    a: Yes, I have all DLC installed.
    b: This bug affects the latest release of the dedicated server.
    c: The api/list/tracks shows the same id as that used in the configuration for the server.

    Reproducible: YES
    Reproduced on Multiple Servers: YES
    Reproduced on Commercial Race Server provider: YES (Emperor)
    Reproduced on Self Installed Server: YES

    Steps to reproduce:
    Set up and start a Dedicated Server instance with Spa Francorchamps Historic 1993. Any class or race settings will do.
    2: Go to the Multiplayer lobby - once the server has appeared, note it IS showing Spa Francorchamps Historic 1993
    3: Join the server.
    4: Note the track showing is now Londrina Long
    5: Go on track - confirm the track is Londrina Long, not Spa 1993.

    Images below:
    Wrong track! Cannot change.

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