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Car engine audio feels flat, unmixed... unlike iRacing, RRE, ACC...

Discussion in 'Automobilista 2 - General Discussion' started by VFX Pro, Jan 3, 2023.

  1. VFX Pro

    VFX Pro Well-Known Member AMS2 Club Member

    Mar 31, 2017
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    Despite loving many things about AMS2, the overall sound quality of the cars is just as bad a PC2. I don't know if it's the madness engine or is the source sample material, but there is no visceral/emotional connection to the engine sounds, no bass, etc...

    I'm using a 7.1 headphone and tried the headset mix on/off no luck. It looks like using an equalizer might help.

    I'm hoping the first thing Reiza can do is allow the modders to upload better sound files for car, like in AC. Too me, fixing the jagged/traveling shadows and having a more "3D" audio more make this hidden gem a much bettet product.

    Lack of mixer
    Many occasions the transmission whine is too loud vs engine, the transmission knock sounds the same on every car and is, in many cases, too loud.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2023
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  2. azaris

    azaris Well-Known Member AMS2 Club Member

    Aug 30, 2020
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    Running equalizers like Dolby Atmos helped a ton to improve AMS2 sounds for me. The 3D sound was much more prevalent a month ago when they had "exaggerated" sound reflections. Once these were toned down or removed completely in a recent update, it went back to being kind of boring.

    The other longstanding problem is the tyre noises, which seem binary (on/off) and make it sound like the tyres on some cars (notably the new hypercars and the Nissans) are constantly scrubbing and tearing even under moderate cornering load in some cars. Plus the external sound seems to suffer from "clipping" where sometimes one sound source takes over and mutes all the other sounds, I wonder if it is a bug?
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  3. donaldd

    donaldd BANNED BANNED

    Nov 26, 2022
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    100% agree.
    It sounds like there is not much 3D direction cues left in the AMS2 audio mix.
    Reiza could learn something from Raceroom considering audio mixing :whistle:
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  4. Scar666

    Scar666 Zum Glück bin ich verrückt

    Jul 1, 2020
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    I'm not running headphones, but a 5.1 surround and there seems to be a different mix for a lot of cars...

    Meaning I have to change the set up of my speakers when I change to some cars in order just to hear the engine in the cockpit... Luckily I can switch between profiles at the touch of a button... But it's still not an ideal situation...
  5. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek "Love the Simulation You're Dreaming In." AMS2 Club Member

    Mar 9, 2016
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    I believe the audio in AMS2 is still very much WIP, lacking in refinements at this point. Some of the things mentioned may seem like fundamental audio features that should work perfectly but, they may be sequential in nature, tied to other aspects yet to be completed or corrected.

    Having said that, I agree in general. There are a lot of effects and sounds that don't function as expected given the sound engine and its results in other titles.
  6. Matt Holehouse

    Matt Holehouse New Member

    Jan 3, 2023
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    Lack of mixer
    Many occasions the transmission whine is too loud vs engine, the transmission knock sounds the same on every car and is, in many cases, too loud.[/QUOTE]

    AFAIK, the 'general car volume' relates to the whine and other car sounds (other than the engine volume) so just turn that down a bit in audio options. I have mine at 80 as like you I don't like the whine too loud. Sound fx slider is mainly for wind noise and I turn that down a lot as well as that seems to be too loud (at least on my system it does)

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