G29 rotational axis problem fixed (Thanks guys!)

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    Dec 29, 2016
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    To any one having problems with the G29 and proper control of steering axis and rates.

    Please use the latest LGS software available for the G29 from Logitech and configure the degrees desired from the small drop down visible on the top of the wheel graphic in the software itself. In other words set it for 360, 300 or whatever and THEN enable that desired degree of rotation in AMS.
    Do not fail to program your shifter/buttons yourself as mine weren't quite right with button 9 instead of 13 being used for first gear but other than that no worries and even the limiter key is where I like it!
    I take no credit for this post as someone smarter than I contributed the fix to an ongoing topic over at Steam but useful posts are sometimes useful.
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