How to drive Lancer X Rallycross

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    Mar 20, 2016
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    I never drive 4wd in sim before. I practice in AC 5 month ago with BMW E30 drift spec. then I can do basic of Drifting ex. Power slide, Scandinavian flick, handbrake turn, transition.

    When I drive 4wd Lancer X rallycross, Result that need your help is:

    1) It's hard to powerslide. If I apply the same method of drift car, Car will understeer.

    2) Can't transition. In drift car I will use throttle to control car transition from turn to turn but in Rally x I can't do that. It's feel like car stick to the ground.

    This happen the same as result in Dirt Rally.
    But the difference is in AUTOMOBILISTA I can control car better than Dirt Rally. I
    drive the car AUTOMOBILISTA with the method that I got from rF2. It's look like familiar. (2 years with rF2)

    Another Question handbrake turn:
    with Assist Auto clutch off , I must Apply or not to apply clutch pedal. I saw the picture shown Lancer X use Autoclutch.

    Please help me beginner drifter AC & Driver rF2 to become RallyX Driver in AUTOMOBILISTA.
    I think someone know the secret of Petter Solberg. :)

    Yes Lancer RallyX is the list of my favorite car other is Old stockcar and formula Retro.

    Thank you for all your answer.
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    i found that you have to be real aggressive with turn in to get the tail out, once thats done the 4 wheels can easily make you power slide. By the sounds of it you know the basics, its just adjusting to the physics of AMS. You can get proper sideways with this car vo...

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