How to select a previous version branch for AMS on Steam

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    Whenever we have an update coming to Automobilista, the Steam client will download it automatically. In order to help leagues and multiplayer championships or members of our community having issues due to any recent update, we provide this useful resource, so your online events can be done without any issues and / or you can use the sim if you are facing any issues.

    This thread intends to be a quick guide for our community on how to select a previous version branch for AMS, with a few steps. You only need to follow this:

    - Go to your Automobilista item on your Steam library. Right click on it and choose "properties".
    - Choose the beta tab. Then, select the version you would like to use at the moment, like below:
    - Close the window. There will be an update to be downloaded, so we recommend that you do this early if there's an online event that you need to attend to.

    After this, run Automobilista and see the version on the right bottom corner of the main menu. It should appear as the one you have selected.

    To come back to the most recent version of Automobilista available, repeat this process and select "None - Opt out of all beta programs". The sim will update again and there will be another donwload. We recommend that you do this just after you finish your online event or whenever you find the solution for an issue that you may be facing.

    Please be advised that this should be done only when your league runner decides to run a previous version of Automobilista or if you find any issue to run the game after a recent update. You will always have to redo this steps as told above so you can get the updates when they are available.

    If you are doing this due a problem that you found on the recent update, please report to us as soon as you can, so we can keep a track of it and try to help.

    Thank you!

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