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HSO 1983 Castrol 1000 at Kyalami - GTPC Mod for AMS

Discussion in 'Fan Sites & Community Events' started by Richard Coxon, May 28, 2019.

  1. Richard Coxon

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    Oct 25, 2017
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    As the title says, Historic Simracing Organisation is hosting the 1983 Castrol 1000 using the GTPC mod which has been modified by HSO's own staff with permissions from the original modding team.

    We will be doing the full 6 hour event, starting in the day and finishing under lights, free cars are still available. You can either drive as part of a team in the Group C category (Max 3 drivers) or solo in the Group C Junior category.

    The mod has been edited so that drivers will have to actual fuel save like the real drivers had to back in Group C period.​

    The first qualifying session is under lights on Thursday, June 6th and the second qualifying session is on Saturday, June 8th. Both sessions will begin at 20:00 hrs.
    The race will take place on Sunday, June 9th starting at 17:00 hrs. All times given are Paris time.

    Here are some links for you..
    Entry List: Castrol 1000 - Kyalami - Entry List [June 9th]
    Race Info: Castrol 1000 - Kyalami - Race Info [June 9th]
    Forum: Historic Simracing Organisation

    We hope to see some of you there!

    Feel free to ask any questions.
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