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Multiplayer - What's happening here?

Discussion in 'Automobilista - General Discussion' started by in6eTights, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. in6eTights

    in6eTights Member Reiza Backer

    Jun 14, 2016
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    So i tried joining a server, and in one, it actually worked. So i've been driving for a while, but left cause it was just a practice one. Every other server, i either don't see people on it (although the server list shows at least 4) and i'm not even able to join the track, or i just get sent to the Main Menu. What is going on here? Am I being kicked, time out, or not eligible due to lack of laps or something like this?
  2. SaxOhare

    SaxOhare Well-Known Member Reiza Backer

    Mar 10, 2016
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    It's not happening

    Locked Racing leagues Races? These races will ask for a password,
    Mods? Modded cars will show as "unknown" AMS will return you to menu after joining a race.
    AMS doesn't have filters to deny you access.

    (the few races that are accessible, are in practice mode)
    This game is still in EA, don't know if multiplayer will ever come to life.
  3. gongo

    gongo Dan Allongo Reiza Backer

    Mar 21, 2016
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    Pub servers aren't really catching on yet. I would recommend either joining a league (there are more casual ones out there, they're not all super hardcore) or using SRS (Sim Racing System).

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