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Offline Championchip problem

Discussion in 'Automobilista - Help & Support' started by Petr Galeta, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Petr Galeta

    Petr Galeta New Member

    Apr 16, 2019
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    Hi, im new in Automobilista. Love the game physics and ai oponents, but I have problem with champ. I opened MiniCup series for 4 other times and never close it regular. Set of champ is 4x practice, qual, warm-up, 40min race. I have more problems with champ.

    1. I set 10 of set tires. Sometime is changed these 10sets in pit or garage and i must changed it manualy (number of set) befor race. When I know it, its better variant, but sometimes i have (i dont know if) infinitely of sets and changed it automaticaly, when i enetered to pit. I dont know, where I set first "more realistic" setup or why is in one game of same champ. these two variants of use tires.

    2. Many track i dont know. Thats the reason, why i have 4x practise. On some i go every, on other go some laps and go to the race. If I go some practice and over the game, next time sometime start race weekend at last ended practice, sometime from practice 1.

    3. If I end the Race (reason, why I go Mini cup for 4th time) and like go some other series for fun, where i give without practice or change any settings, or change track, these setting transfer to the opened Mini cup and deleted practice 1-4, or jump to other race, to qual....dont continue last cup procedure.

    I dont know if I do something bad, but I dont can racing for fun with carts, monoposts without fear, what is changed in opened cup.

    Some idea, what is wrong? I have steam version 1month. Steam I have on two pc, but Automobilista game only on one. Next variant is write champ scores to paper but it is not more comfortable :).

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