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    For a lot of issues, especially game CTD , we need trace files.
    Here we will describe few steps how to get that file to us.

    step 1
    In Steam Library, Right click "Automobilista". On pop-up menu select->Properties.

    step 2
    You should see this screen. Click "Set launch options"

    step 3

    In the popup dialog box, type exactly as in you see on screen (or copy paste text from textbox below) and click OK.

    step 4
    Close the Properties window, RUN the game.

    step 5
    Now that the game has crashed, let's find our trace.txt file and attach it here on forum.

    step 6
    Copy paste path from textbox below in Windows Explorer adress bar and hit enter.
    Alternatively, you can navigate to your Documents folder. In it you'll find "Automobilista" subfolder.
    Open it, inside look for "USERDATA". Open USERDATA.
    Inside it, look for folder "LOG".
    Open subfolder LOG.

    When you successfully located "LOG" subfolder, inside it look for "trace.txt" file. (example on screenshot below).

    step 7
    Attach this file here on forum in either "I canĀ“t run Automobilista" - Official troubleshooting topic
    topic or one of the relevant topics in Automobilista - Help & Support subforum, or of course, create new topic of you specific issue.

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