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PRC | MCR 2000 League Season 1 Starts 23rd April 2019

Discussion in 'Fan Sites & Community Events' started by Kevin Cox, Mar 24, 2019.

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    Mar 11, 2016
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    MCR 2000 League Season 1 Starts 23rd April 2019

    General info
    The aim of this championship is to provide a realistic racing environment for beginners and experienced drivers and teams, in a friendly, gentlemen racing ambience. It's the fun of being on the track with others who enjoy sim racing that makes this hobby we do great fun. This will be an open league so anyone can join with no password. However only drivers who have signed up will score points.

    Race info
    Race days will be on Tuesday nights. Races will be 30 minute races.

    Practice starts: 7:45pm BST
    Practice lasts: 60 minutes
    Qualification starts: 8:45pm BST
    Qualification lasts: 10 minutes
    Warmup lasts: 5 minutes
    Race starts: 9:00pm BST
    Race lasts: 30 minutes

    MCR 2000

    Driver aids
    Auto Clutch

    P1: 30 pts
    P2: 28 pts
    P3: 26 pts
    P4: 24 pts
    P5: 22 pts
    P6: 20 pts
    P7: 18 pts
    P8: 17 pts
    P9: 16 pts
    P10: 15 pts
    P11: 14 pts
    P12: 13 pts
    P13: 12 pts
    P14: 11 pts
    P15: 10 pts
    P16: 9 pts
    P17: 8 pts
    P18: 7 pts
    P19: 6 pts
    P20: 5 pts
    P21: 4 pts
    P22: 3 pts
    P23: 2 pts
    P24: 1 pts

    Worst 3 results won't be counted. This will allow for missing at least 3 rounds.

    Driver entries


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