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racecraft.online season #8/2023

Discussion in 'Fan Sites & Community Events' started by roszman, Nov 15, 2023.

  1. roszman

    roszman Well-Known Member

    Jun 11, 2020
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    With Ared permission:

    Hey simracers ;)

    It's a new racecrcraft.online season and a new schedule. A quick rundown of the changes.

    Hourly races
    An often heard comment we got, was that people did not like to learn a new car for every race. So for the Hourly series, we will stick with the same car all season. Club will be using the Caterham Supersport, GT3 and GT4 Series obviously use the GT3 and GT4 cars and Pro Series will use the P1 (Gen2) this season. The only exception is Green Hell; this series will use the same track all season (Nordschleife 2020), with different cars each week. Green Hell will run every hour again as of this season, replacing Amateur Series that saw very few registrations.

    Weekly races
    If you like to jump around from class to class, then have a look at the Feature races. Instead of dividing the series into EU and US instances like we did last seasons, we will now offer races once every 3 hours, so that no matter where you are or what your agenda looks like, there should always be a timeslot where you can join one of these races and the standing from everyone around the world are combined again.

    • on Mondays there are still Historic races at Silver level
    • on Tuesdasys there will be mixed races at Bronze level
    • on Wednesdays there is still the Premier Cup at Gold level, this season running the Group C class.
    • on Thursdays there will be mixed races at Silver level
    • on Fridays there are still Oval races at Bronze level
    • on Saturdays there are still Endurance races at Gold level
    • on Sundays there is still the Rocketeeer Cup at Rookie level
    Season, weather and light Racecraft.online has used real dates for as long any of us can remember, with in most series dry but season-appropriate weather. Now winter is coming into the Northern Hemisphere, the temperatures are getting pretty cold for good racing. So for this season, we will basically stop the calender on November 30th to prolong autumn until the end of the season on December 24th. After that, we will either race on tracks that are further to the south (Laguna Seca, South America, South Africa, Australia) on need to start using default dates. Let us know what option you prefer in ⁠Series Community Representative…

    For now, all series always have dry weather again, with the possible exception of Historic and Premier Cup. These will have Real weather for the date they simulate (Historic) or the date they are run on (Premier Cup).

    Finally, we will experiment with one evening or night race per week instead, spread throughout the schedule:

    • week 46: Oval race at Fontana will be a night race (well lit)
    • week 47: GT3 Series race at Kyalami will be during sunset (cars have headlights)
    • week 48: Pro Series at Spa will be during sunset (cars have headlights)
    • week 49: Silver Feature at Daytona will be during late sunset (well lit)
    • week 50: Bronze Feature at VIR will be during sunset (cars have headlights)
    • week 51: Green Hell will be run during sunset (cars have headlights)
    Hopefully you will like these changes and have fun this season with the races we've prepared for you. As always, don't be shy to let us know what you feel works, what doesn't work and any ideas you have that we might try in in future seasons in ⁠our discord….

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  2. Lord Razz

    Lord Razz New Member

    Oct 9, 2023
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    The Changes sound good. Looking forward to the season

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