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Discussion in 'Automobilista - Links & Resources' started by Matus Celko, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. Matus Celko

    Matus Celko New Member

    Jul 23, 2018
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    Hello everyone.
    For a while I was developing a timing/car status app for r3e and project cars. In the latest version I've added support for Automobilista so I'm posting this here, in case that someone might be interested.
    I named the app Second Monitor as the purpose of it was/is to make maximal use of my/yours second monitor :)
    Information provided
    • Session Information
      • Current track + layout + session type
      • Weather information
      • Best Lap information - Driver, lap, time
      • Time/laps remaining in the session
    • Live timing, for each driver:
      • Position
      • Driver name
      • Car Name
      • Completed Laps
      • Time of last lap
      • Current pace (average of last few laps)
      • Best lap
      • Current lap time
      • Sector Times
      • Pit information - in practice/qually it is a simple "in/out", in race it shows number of pit stops, and the last pit stop information - lap of the pitstop and total time
      • Timing can either by sorted as absolute (first driver always first), or relative (drivers in front of player on track will be before the player, even when lapped)
      • Times can be displayed as absolute values (whole number) or relative to the players time. So you can quickly see how is your last lap/pace to other drivers
      • Timing hilights the player, drivers in pits, personal best and session best times, cars lap back and lap in front.
      • Gap to player
      • Maximum speed
    • Timing Circle (ellipse :D )
      • Position of cars on track projected on an ellipse
    • Wheel status (for each wheel):
      • Left, center and right tyre temperature
      • Brake temperature
      • Tyre pressure
      • Tyre condition, as % and visualised as a bar
      • Tyre compound (if supported by sim/car)
    • Water/oil temp
    • Fuel calculator
      • Can operate in two modes: time (displaying units pre minute) or laps (units per lap)
      • Total fuel
      • Current consumption rate
      • Average consumption rate in session
      • Time/laps left until empty tank with current average consumption rate
      • Fuel calculator: Enter required distnace (laps/minutes), press compute and the app will display required fuel to achevive that distance, using current Average consumption
    • Pedal position
    • Settings
      • Ability to set UOM for Volumes (liters, US Gallons), Temperature (Celzius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin), Pressure (Kilo-pascal, bar, atm, psi)
      • Pace laps - number of laps used for pace calculation
      • Refresh rate (ms) - refresh rate of the timing datagrid
    - Double click on a driver will open the drivers lap/sector times.
    - The app is able to save xlsx file after each session, containing a brief session summary and a detailed log of each players laps + sectors (example: Report_2018-07-24T18-47-44_Cadwell Park_Race.xlsx). Settings are in the options:

    The app is available at (v 2.0.0 ) -

    Source code available at: https://app.assembla.com/spaces/secondmonitor/git/source

    Just download and run the installer. .Net 4.6 required.
    This is still an early version, so it still needs some ironing, bugs to squish, and usability improvement.
    Supported sims:

    • R3E - Works out of the box
    • Automobilista - Requires the rFactorSharedMemoryMapPlugin (https://github.com/dallongo/rFactorSharedMemoryMap). This is the same plugin that is used (and automatically installed) by CrewChief, so if you're using that, you're good to go.
    • RFactor 1 - Same as Automobilista. Wasn't tested, but it is the same engine as AMS, and the same plugin is used for data, so it should work.
    • Project Cars - Limited functionality as split times and lap times are not provided by the sim api. Splits don't work at all, and lap timing is done by the app, so the will be slight difference between what is in the app and what is in sim. Big thanks to mr_belowski for allowing me to use his project cars pit coordinates from CrewChief :)

    Project cars 2 might work with Pcars1 shared data model, but as Pcars 2 doesn't work on my pc (I'm affected by this bug - http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?51621-PC-Crash-Freeze-NVidea-GeForce-GTX770-Crashes-every-time-amp-or-reboots-pc) I won't be able to support pcars 2 atm. Assetto corsa and RFactor 2 support is in the pipeline.

    Know Issues:

    • Final lap completion for AI might not be timed properly. This is a precaution, because some sims (i.e. r3e), report lap completed for AI the moment the player crosses the finish line.
    • Gap: while it is there, the implementation is very simple, just distance / speed, so it deviates a lot at higher distances. Thats why 30s +/- is the maximum it will show.
    Project Cars 1 & Project Cars 2
    • Timing is done by app, so there might be slight differences between in-sim and in-app times
    • Pit Detection - pit detection works on comparing driver position with the entry/exit points, so if you teleport back to pits it will not detect you as in pits. There is no easy way to fix this, as the sim doesn't provide any clear indication if a driver is in pits
    • Timing will sometime reset when editing pit presets during race (will be fixed)
    • Top speed is wonky :), that's because speed isn't provided by sim and has to be computed, which is prone to some error. I will try to make it less wonky ;)
    • Car Class instead of Car Model - Pcars doesn't provide car names for other than the player driver, so I used the class for all drivers.
    Any questions, comments, feedback is welcomed ;)
    When reporting bugs please attach the latest log which can be found in \%appdata%\SecondMonitor

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