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V1.52 ctds, crashdumps and general game start-up troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Renato Simioni, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 14, 2016
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    Make sure to to check the checklist of common issues below as there are some things you as user should also do to avoid trouble when running Stock Car Extreme:

    • Verify if there are no security programs such as a firewall or antivirus interfering with the game initialization. You may need to temporarily disable or configure them to exempt the game executables;

    • Verify If you are running the game as a Windows administrator - if the user is not an administrator, right-click the game icon and select "Run as Admin";

    • If running from Steam, sure the Steam app is not running in Windows compatibility mode (right-click the Steam icon, and check settings in Properties);

    • Make sure your video drivers are up to date;

    • Try installing the game in a folder other than the Windows default “Program Files” folder;

    • Make sure you run GSC Config to set your graphic options correctly;

    • After creating a fresh profile, make sure to double-check your driving aids & controller speed sensitivity to make sure they match what you had before;

    • If you get a crash on startup, make sure you have installed the DX9.0C that comes with the game (by running \Support\DirectX\Install\DXSETUP.exe);

    • If you do the above and still crashes, or if you get a black screen when escaping from a session, delete d3d9.dll from the game root folder;

    • Make sure coreshaders.mas is the only file in Gamedata\Shared folder;

    • Delete dinput8.dll, FanatecLEDs.dll from root folder & ReizaGSC.dll from Plugins folder (if you have them);

    • Since there are several new parameters for both cars and tracks, it is possible that some MODs will not work 100% and will need to be updated to use the new features;

    • If the game hangs on exit, check if LWEMon is still running in the background and terminate it (to avoid it hanging, just launch Logitech Wingman Monitor before you actually start the game;

    • If you are running outside Steam, make sure you run the Sync at least once after completing it the first time to make sure all files have been updated;

    • Finally, if you want less trouble when upgrading SCE, consider migrating your copy to Steam - you can retrieve a Steam key for your copy free of charge from here if you haven´t done it already.

    For further reference you may also consult this guide.


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