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WEC Round 1: Le Mans 3 Hours Of Race, Saturday 16Th June, 2PM EST

Discussion in 'Fan Sites & Community Events' started by Marcos, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Marcos

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    Jul 26, 2017
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    RACEDAY SCHEDULE: Saturday 16th June
    Practice: 2:00 pm EST( for wait players)
    Qualifying: 2:05 pm EST
    Warmup: 2:15 pm EST
    Race: 2:20 pm EST

    Laps: Unlimited
    Time Limit: 10 Minutes
    Mode: Private

    Start Procedure: Rolling Start
    Length: 3 Hours Race

    Name: OnlineSimRacing.net WEC
    Race day Password: There isn't password. The server will open
    Allowed Driving Aids: Low Traction Control, Auto Clutch, ABS
    Damage Level: 50%
    Fuel Consumption: Normal
    Tire Wear: Normal
    Setups: Open

    Other information:
    P2P(Boost engine) limit to 2100(700 seconds per hour x3 hours).
    Hot swap driver is allow, if you want race with other person in one car, the limit is 2 people per car.
    Tracks Limits: 5
    If you have a crash with other person and you want report, answer this post, or other issues wiht cars, track, etc.
    If you want more information join to our discord channel: discord.gg/djFRvJA

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