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AMS2 BETA - Weekly Build Changelogs

Discussion in 'Automobilista 2 - News & Announcements' started by Renato Simioni, Mar 13, 2020.

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  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 14, 2016
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    This is for AMS2 Beta users who may not have access to Reiza51.

    BETA3 Changelog (12/03/2020):

    • Added Guaporé
    • Added Velo Cittá Main Layout
    • Added Copa Truck Series
    • Added Formula Classic Gen2 Series
    • Added Kart GX390 Race
    • Added Kart Gx390 Rental


    • Added Beta support for Multiplayer (UI still early WIP)
    • Fixed missing pitcrew animations (historical series use modern crews as placeholders)

    • Fixed quit confirm menu direction (pause menu)
    • Added multiplayer browser / lobby
    • First pass for in-game multiplayer leaderboards/menus.
    • Fixed triple screen text entry units
    • Fixed best lap not correctly displayed in SP session results
    • Fixed class select list auto-filling items beyond dialog bounds
    • Fixed retire to pits not opening confirmation dialog
    • Fixed clutch deadzone increment button modifying clutch sensitivity
    • Fixed multiplayer browser 21:9 alignment
    • Fixed splashcreen background alignment in 16:10 aspect

    • Added all HUD modes except telemetry
    • Add position/lap info full+light
    • Add leaderboard to Full mode
    • Pit lane messages / timer etc
    • Cooldown lap messages
    • Formation lap messages / position info
    • Various flags/messages

    • Corrected idle loops on MIT LancerR, RS, Puma P052, MCR2000, Caterham Superlight, 620R
    • Adjusted attenuation curve on all cars
    • Increased AI car sound volume while racing
    • Fixed missing shift sounds in F-Classics: G1M1, G2M2, G3M1, G3M3, G1M1, G1M2, G2M1, G2M2
    • Reverb increased slightly on all tracks.
    • New start lights countdown volume increased (was too low in Beta2)
    • MRX gearshift sound lowered
    • Ultima Road decrease gearchange volume
    • Scrape sound altered, volume buildup changed.

    • Extensive revisions to all player physics
    • Minor tire model adjustments (most notable is fixing excessive load stiffness increment with pressure on GT & Prototype tyres - fixes the bouncing)
    • Increased effect of Pneumatic Trail on force feedback
    • Reduced default steering lock in formula cars
    • Further reduced wet rolling resistance
    • Increased default boost in F-Classic Gen1 to 80% (from 60%)
    • Fixed error with ARC Camaro tyres having larger rear tyres (all 4 now are equal)
    • Adjusted FFB Steering Rack Maxforce on several cars

    • Extensive revisions to all AI physics
    • Adjusted AI code to minimize chances of it going off-track in avoidance of other cars
    • Increased AI brake power globally
    • Added AI Aggression Scalars to all cars, adjusting the player global setting to better suit the type of car / class in use
    • Added some extra AI variation to generic driver personalities (for more AI action)
    • Increased AI awareness paraameter

    • Track penalties and surface physics/collision fixes: VIR, Ortona, Campo Grande, Goiania
    • Incremental graphical/optimization update to Kyalami (more upcoming)
    • More tweaks to overall weather/climate settings
    • Enhanced Brands Hatch bumps in road patches (if suitable will be applied to other tracks)
    • Fixed bug with Imola 2001 not registering lap 1
    • Improved AI lines for Londrina and Kyalami Historic
    • Added trackside cameras for Jerez

    • Updated paint material for more appropriate levels of reflection for each car
    • Updated Copa Uno Cockpit
    • Added new liveries for Ultima Race, F-Reiza, Old Stock, Metalmoro MRX
    • SuperV8: Fixed car shadow, cockpit holes, lights

    EDIT: A complementary update was deployed on March 13th featuring the following changelog:


    • Added System menu
    • Minor text & art corrections

    • Implemented remaining warnings/messages
    • Fixed text in lap/session duration unit.
    • Fixed leaderboard 'PIT' marker text showing player name

    • Adjusted rotation logic for older wheels with low lock and gamepads

    • Further revisions to all F-Classic models (fixing initial Beta3 problems with Gen2 cars)
    • Fixed kart Shifter gearbox
    • Revised all turbo engines
    • Reduced 2mm from tread of F-Classic & F-V10 tyres
    • Slightly increased drafting effects
    • Fixed crashes when loading ARC Caamro & Metalmoro MRX cars
    • Increased side buffer for AI cars to minimize issues in a pack of cars (specially towards the first corner)
    • Corrected AI damper multipliers which could lead to some AI cars rolling during heavy cornering
    • Further adjusting to custom AI Aggression scalars

    • Ground scraping audio code adjusted (much more dynamic, also won't play if car is stopped)
    • Fixed Kart Shifter sounds
    • Rental kart external pitch fixed
    • F-V10: scrape sound adjusted
    • Caterham 620R: adjusted sound volume build up over rev range
    • Small eq adjustment on interior sounds

    BETA4 Changelog (21/03/2020):

    • Added Imola 1972

    • Initial implementation of SETUP screens (just initial fast edit & initial tab for now, to be complemented in BETA5)

    • Updated pneumatic trail calculation, now equal to what we had in AMS1 resulting in higher overall rack force and self aligning torque will be different then pre beta4
    • ported 1:1 ams1 surface noise values and code
    • Added stoplocks for Accuforce / OSW / Simucube / Bodnar and other custom wheels (needs testing)
    • Adjusted "FX" FFB effects - no longer adds "fake" road noise after porting over AMS1 surface noise code - FX now adds engine vibe (modelled from crankshaft angular rotation) and tyre scrub (as an actual frequency coming from STM)
    • Removed redundant "flavour" FFB profiles, renamed as "TYPE" with only two options (Default / Custom)

    • Doubled tyre tread & width resolution in tyre model
    • Further revisions to tread & carcass load stiffnes for several tyres
    • Revised F-Vintage drivetrain
    • Adjusted brake torque of formula cars
    • Adjusted rain tyres (to be complemented in BETA5)
    • Adjusted gearbox damage & timings (to be complemented in BETA5)
    • Revised driving aids functionality & gamepad sensitivity multipliers (to be complemented in BETA5)

    • Various AI performance adjustments
    • Added AI Start variable to balance AI standing start performance vs player (only for cases where AI could launch much faster - this will be expanded in a future build to improve AI launch performance in cars that needs higher revs off the line)
    • Further adjusted AI Aggression scalars for anything that isnt a F1 car

    • Fixed some loop issues in F-Vintage V8 engines e
    • Fixed FClassic V8 missing external sound in chase view
    • Added ambient audio effects to all tracks
    • Lowered some impact sounds volume
    • Removed spotter voice when leaving pits

    • Kyalami Historic art & physics pass
    • Adjusted tarmac shader with added ambient reflections
    • Adjusted crowd shader
    • Small tweaks to atmosphere/sky
    • Physics / track limit revisions to Cascavel, Interlagos Brands Hatch
    • Adjusted night lights & added props to several tracks
    • Revised Adelaide Historic AI paths

    • Updated Copa Uno steering wheel mesh
    • Mitsubishi Lancer R: add LODs, add windscreen reflection
    • Mitsubishi Lancer RS: add windscreen reflection
    • More liveries added & updated for F-Classic Gen2, F-Reiza, Old Stock, Ultima Race, MRX, AJR cars

    BETA5 Changelog:

    • Implemented suspension setup screen
    • Added Anti-roll bar settings to quick setup
    • Fixed unselected label on advanced setup button

    • Further tyre model revisions
    • Revised body aero drag for all cars
    • Fixed bug in which cars with a single all-weather compound would crash loading a raining session
    • Adjusted F-Ultimate throttle map & fixed balk torque
    • Fixed missing curb noise on some curb types

    • Revised pneumatic trail values & max steering rack force for each car (minor adjustments may still be required)

    • Fixed & adjusted range of AI throttle application for each car, improving performance balance vs player out of corners (function was fixed but not tuned in BETA4 causing a lot of misbehavior)
    • Adjusted AI to mitigate excessive number of T1 incidents (not enough, more to come)
    • Bumped up AI Aggression slightly for all cars, following further adjustments for behaviorial changes on aggression scale

    • Sprint Race V6: fixed pops and clicks on interior sounds.

    • Art passes for Imola & Imola 1972, Kyalami Historic, Donington, Interlagos, Montreal
    • Adjusted Weather/climate values,
    • Fixed start trigger at Interlagos which could first place to miss a lap on start
    • Updated Donington_GP TV cams
    • Added enhanced 3D road patch parameters to Donington, Kyalami Historic, Montreal

    • Fixed scaling error in Opala 3D model
    • Kart GX390 Race - fixed steering wheel axis
    • Formula V12 - fixed graphics glitch; RPM light, brakedisc glow, updated rear light



    • Added Roco 01 to P4 Class

    • Added Setup List page
    • Implemented options to manually saving/loading setups
    • Fixed Reset to Default button on Quick Setup screen not working
    • Removed Restart button from Multiplayer session menus
    • Fixed menu activation/navigation in replay screen
    • Added controller navigation to quick setup screen
    • Fixed controls screen displaying when returning from custom event setup overview
    • Fixed alignment + colour of delete button in setup list
    • Added autosave help text
    • Added in-session Options screens for Gameplay, Controls, Camera, Audio, VR

    • Revised physics for GX390 Race & Rental
    • Metalmoro MRX: Adjusted front suspension geometry & fixed clutch (mostly causing slow starts for the AI)
    • Adjusted default tyre pressure & ranges for all cars (may require resetting old setups)
    • Added initial driving aids & gamepad sensitivity values to all cars

    • Fixed AI behavior towards first corner on race start (no longer crashing all the time)
    • Fixed AI throttle application values for several cars (adjusting performance out of corners)
    • Revised several AI behavior parameters to improve racing ability
    • Extensive callibration to the AI performance on several cars

    • Disabled birds in external view.
    • Sprint race: Fixed missing some samples from previous buld
    • Adjusted volume for MRX Honda on chase view
    • F3: engine pan lowered.

    • Imola 2019: Further fixes & art pass + added 3d road patches
    • Imola 1988 Art Pass
    • Oulton Park: Minor fixes + added 3d road patches
    • Montreal Increased AI performance for both layouts
    • Spielberg: Added 3d road patches
    • Updated TV cams for Azure & Adelaide

    • Updated & new liveries for Opala Old Stock, AJR & Ultima Race

    EDIT for minor update on 26/03?


    • Added First pass for Vehicle Showroom screen


    • Added adjustable steering lock ranges
    • Fixed Traction Control default setting that could cause TC not to work or to cap the throttle altogether when the aid was turned on
    • Increased AI roll torque stab to minimize rolling in wheel-to-wheel contact
    • Adjusted max FFB force for SuperV8, ARC Camaro & MIT Lancers


    • Spielberg Historic/Vintage: Several fixes, added 3d road patches
    • Oulton Park: Several bug fixes


    • Switched AJR Powertec to V6 Turbo (still needs a physics update)
    • Fixed Roco class (moved up to P3)
    • removed legacy logos from drivers & pitcrew suits



    • Updated Showroom scene
    • Enabled steering lock setting in setup page
    • Added drivetrain setup page
    • fixed menu direction on some tabs
    • Fixed invisble front 3rd spring bumpstop input
    • First pass to loading screen redesign


    • Minor tyre compound revisions for all tyres
    • Updated MRX to latest spec sheets & fit proper engines to each variant
    • Reduced shift delays in manual cars (when shifting with paddles)
    • Fine tuned FFB values for several cars


    • Adjusted AI consistency spread
    • Further performance tuning for dry & wet tyres


    • Adjusted Attenuation range for all engines
    • MCR2000, Caterham Superlight high RPM looping improved (still needs polishing)
    • F-Classic G3M1 interior sound samples mixing adjusted.

    • Further adjustments to tarmac ambient reflections
    • Fixed bumpy concrete runoffs, adjusted curb noise and slightly reduced resistance from gravel traps
    • Revised 3d patchs for Donington


    • F301: fixed rear tires pivot points
    • F-Reiza: fixed LOD C wheels disappearing
    • Ultima Race: Improved metal and plastic materials
    • MetalMoro AJR: Fixed steering wheel size, external side mirrors, windscreen material
    • StockV8: Improved windscreen and mirror material
    • F-Classic G3: Added rear light glow
    • F-Vintage: Adjusted liveries to better suit each model
    • Copa Uno: Added 2 community liveries


    • Snetterton 200 layout added + Art pass & fixes

    • Updated showroom scene

    • Fixed tyre tread resolution error that caused incorrect pressure readings
    • Adjusted AI throttle application
    • Adjusted FFB for AJR, StockV8, MRX, MCR, Roco
    • Further revised MRX physics revisions for all variants
    • Completed AJR V6 Turbo physics
    • Slightly improved AI brake force & grip
    • Upped AI personality aggression range
    • Increased coefficient for paying track limit penalties by slowing down (pays faster)
    • Lap times no longer invalidated with crashes in all sessions but time trial


    • Added Fusca model to Copa Classic FL & Uno to Copa Classic B classes

    • Updated Showroom scene
    • Multiplayer lobby list now displays Class in use or 'multi-class' instead of host name
    • Sorted kart models into their own separate classes
    • Fixed menu direction on some tabs of in-game controls menu
    • Fixed invisible front third spring bumpstop setting
    • Added monitor screen to spectate sessions
    • Added time acceleration info and button in Session overview
    • Added monitor + skip to end buttons to Simulation screen
    • Added session countdown to more in-game screens
    • Fixed aspect ratio of classes on opponent select dialogs
    • Several presentation updates (WIP)
    • Added "Immersion II" soundtrack to User Interface

    • Slightly laxed calculations for gaining advantage by going off-track
    • Lap time no longer invalidated by contact
    • Doubled the amount of time to be kicked due to inactivity (30 to 120)

    • Revised all cars for minor adjustments to tyres, default setup, damage properties and FFB values
    • Initial BoP review to balance performance of cars within each class (more work needed)
    • Adjusted setup ranges for better consistency & disabled redundant fast damper ranges for cars that don´t feature it
    • Slightly reduced aero effects in drafting
    • Slightly reduced downshift delays

    • Complete AI revision, fixing most notable discrepancies in performance vs player at 100% difficulty (more extreme ends of the AI strentgh range still needs further testing)
    • Added small amount of AI performance drop on cold tyres;
    • Increased AI aggression scalars for more racey behavior
    • Increased AI awareness factor to minimise issues with AI hitting player into corners (may still happen if speed difference between player and AI is too high)

    • Further fine tuning to climate profiles
    • Slightly increased rumblestrip noise
    • Snetterton: Various fixes & optimization to bring both layouts to release status
    • Donington: flag position fixes

    • Formula Vintage Gen1: Added LODs (fixing disappearing models at lower settings):
    • MetalMoro AJR: Adjusted driver animation for new steering wheel
    • Ultima GTR Road - Changed driver animation to manual shifter~; gauge texture correction, added speedometer
    • Formula Trainer: Fixed wheel dimensions
    • Kart GX390: Fixed RPM led range
    • Kart Rental - Adjusted protective belt size
    • Sprint Race Fixed cockpit windscreen
    • Copa Truck: Fixed cockpit mirrors
    • Super V8 - Fixed cockpit mirrors; removed obsolete liveries
    • Formula V10 - Fixed rain tires
    • Formula Classic G1M2 - Fixed low level LOD causing car to disappear in the distance
    • Superkart: Fixed RPM led range
    • Caterham Supersport - Fixed LOD D, Tachometer
    • Formula Vee - Added speedometer & RPM warning light
    • Formula Classic G3M3: Updated display background
    • Formula V12: Added new liveries to complete the field
    • Old Stock: Added remaining liveries to complete the field
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  2. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 14, 2016
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    Post updated with BETA4 release info.
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  3. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 14, 2016
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    Post updated with BETA5 release info.
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  4. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 14, 2016
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    Post updated with BETA6 release info.
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  5. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 14, 2016
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    Post updated with BETA7 release info.
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  6. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 14, 2016
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    Updated with BETA 8 & RC1 build info.
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