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Automobilista 2 V1.2.0.0 & Racin´ USA Pt1 RELEASED - Now Updated to V1.2.1.4

Discussion in 'Automobilista 2 - News & Announcements' started by Renato Simioni, Jun 4, 2021.

  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 14, 2016
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    Automobilista 2 V1.2 is finally here, and arriving with its massive set of improvements and new features also comes the Racin´ USA Expansion Pack Pt1 !

    V1.2.0.0 CHANGELOG


    • Added Daytona International Speedway (Part of Racin´ USA Pt1 DLC)
    • Added Long Beach(Part of Racin´ USA Pt1 DLC)
    • Added Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca(Part of Racin´ USA Pt1 DLC)
    • Added GTE class featuring BMW M8, Corvette C8-R, Porsche 911 RSR (Part of Racin´ USA Pt1 DLC)
    • Added DPi class featuring Cadillac DPi.V.R (Part of Racin´ USA Pt1 DLC)
    • Added BMW M4 to GT4 class


    • Added custom championship feature to championship mode (BETA)
    • Added option for Real Weather, synchronizing the weather conditions to the currrent & forecast conditions on the location of the track
    • Added option to customize date for the event (currently all sessions run under that same day)
    • Added 42 years of historical weather data (currently only for tracks listed in the notes above
    • Added seasonal foliage (currently only for tracks noted in the changelog)
    • Weather progression is now scaled by time progression setting when using real weather option
    • For effect of adjusting forecasts while running Real Weather, qualifying sessions are now configured to one day before race day, and practice 2 days before
    • Implemented dynamic livetrack presets for real historic weather in single player - track may start with some level of water or puddles based on the real weather data of the preceeding hours before the session start time
    • Added option to configure Livetrack presets for each session
    • Temporarily disabled real weather setting in multiplayer.
    • Temporarily disabled LiveTrack preset setting in multiplayer
    • Timed races now end after 'time + 1 lap'
    • DLC tracks are now accessible to non-owners in Multiplayer sessions
    • Adjusted LiveTrack grip range (slightly lower base grip than before on a green track)
    • Added controller preset strings for new devices (Logitech G923, Thrustmaster T-GT, SiMagic M10)
      Modified Logitech G923 profiles to correctly distinguish between two variants (XBox and PS4). Increase torque by 20%.
    • Initial revision of shadow casting variables, generally increasing shadow quality
    • Inverted traction control logic - higher values now produce more Traction Control (rather than more allowed slip as per old configuration)
    • Adjusted gamepad controller presets & car-specific parameters for improved driveability (all cars)

    UI & HUD

    • Added more loading screen tips.
    • Fixed slider mouse inputs for Steering Sensitivity, Speed Sensitivity, and Minimum Shift Time controller settings.
    • Fixed incorrect visibility test on auto advance timer of session results screen
    • Suspension rates in setup screen are now displayed as incremental units rather than the actual rates


    • Revised tire tread, center of gravity height & drag coefficient parameters for all cars
    • Unified all GT tire dimensions, rules & branding as per real regulations of the main North American and European series (Michelins for GTE, Pirelli for GT3 & GT4)
    • GT3 / GT4 Balance of performance revisions
    • Reduced air scale drafting effect
    • F-Reiza: Slightly adjusted diffuser center of pressure
    • Porsche GT3 Cup: Corrected minimum weight for both models
    • Super V8: Added kingpin multiplier to reduce pendulum effect in FFB
    • Adjusted FFB max force range for BMW M6, Camaro GT4R
    • Adjusted BMW M6 engine torque curve
    • SprintRace: Minor brake torque adjustment
    • Corrected default steering lock & steering ratio for Porsche GT3-R
    • Further bodywork drag coefficient revisions
    • Adjusted default TC & ABS settings (including proper baseline for cars without factory TC)
    • Corrected traction control range for GT4 cars
    • Adjusted aero yaw sensitivity for all GTs / Protos / Stock Cars / Touring Cars
    • Added engine brake setting for formulas (from 1980s on), GT and Prototype classes
    • Adjusted engine compression curves for F-Retros, Mclaren 570S, Porsches, F3s
    • Adjusted default packers for F-Retros, P1, Roco
    • Adjusted Stock Car, Montana, Ginetta G40s, SprintRace torque in lower rev band to correct engine bogging down on launch
    • Mercedes CLK LM: Disabled downshift autoblip
    • Removed HARD & INTERMEDIATE tire compound from GT3, P1 options
    • Disabled viscous LSD settings in various cars that incorrectly allowed for it
    • Metalmoro AJR Fixed Honda engine bug
    • Set new traction control and ABS ranges - increments of 0-10 instead of 1-99
    • Adjusted intermediate tire compound performance
    • Disabled redundant weight distribution setup ranges in cars that shouldn´t have them
    • Added hard compound option back for StockCar2019
    • Minor center of gravity adjustments to Porsche Cup, F-Retro cars
    • GT3 & GT4 BoP Pass
    • Fixed missing TC & ABS on GT4 Ginetta G55
    • Adjusted engine output in AJR Chevy
    • Moved default brake bias slightly forward for most cars
    • Adjusted Camaro GT4 default camber & differential
    • Adjusted BMW M6, M8 & Mercedes GT3 damper rates & ranges
    • Extensive AI callibration pass for dry & wet performance, straightline speed
    • Extended pool of AI personalities (all drivers in grid should have unique personalities now)
    • Several adjustments to AI overtaking assesment parameters
    • Reduced range of possible AI deviation from ideal line
    • Increased AI wall check function
    • Added custom wall buffer values to Montreal, Speedland, Azure, Adelaide, Imola72 and Bathurst
    • AI tire wear callibration pass for Stock Car, GT3, GTE, P1 classes
    • Adjusted AI Grip @ Goiania, Curvelo
    • Added custom AI pit exit speed scalars
    • Adjusted AI relative performance in practice & qualifying sessions
    • Increased AI care with human & lowered AI brake grip for non-formula cars
    • Adjusted AI brake power / side tolerance / avoid ratio / extra care with player
    • Added function to prevent AI from pitting in last two laps of a race unless they have a mandatory stop to complete or will run out of fuel.
    • Taruma: Adjusted AI speed through T1 & T2


    • Added new tire surface sound model for skid / scrub dynamics
    • Added traction control & RPM limiter sound logic and smoothing
    • Adjusted volume for various sound effects (rain, wipers, wet road roll)
    • Optimized sound positioning calculation in relation to listener
    • Lowered brake squeal volume
    • Added turbo prop & jet airplane flyover sounds

    • Overcast/rain/storm climates overhaul: slightly optimized overcast weather, reduced brightness and sunlight when overcast, revised fog values for ovc/rain/storm, revised rain/storm clouds, removed inversion of lighting during thunder strikes in thunderstorm weather, removed random sky glow at night, few tweaks to clear weather HDR behavior, better blend of car's undershadow with environment in ovc/rain/storm/thunderstorm/fog/heavy fog weather, added visible light beams from cars in the daytime for overcast/rainy weather presets
    • Added seasonal foliage to Bathurst, Brasilia, Campo Grande, Cascavel, Curitiba, Curvelo, Jerez, Spielberg Historic
    • Fixed issues with planes, helicopters, boats and trains being culled when they shouldn
    • Cranes, helicopters and drones now only load on race weekend from qualifying onwards
    • Londrina Kart: Add missing pit man animations
    • Cascavel: Reworked fences, fixed UV1 mismatch on grass / outer grass
    • Bathurst 2020: Revised track cut mesh; Performance pass; LOD object pop fixes; Cleanup orphan mesh and texture
    • Interlagos Historic: Removed catch fence collisions
    • Nurburgring; Fix a hole in the terrain at the gp pit entrance
    • Spa-Francorchamps_2020: Various LOD pop and zfight fixes
    • Oulton Park: Added missing emap setting to some render road; Enabled 2D crowd hide from session feature; Improved startlight glows; LOD object pop fixes (max/static obj); Performance pass (23% less draw call); CSM pass (curbs, road issues)
    • Added trackside VR cams to Ibarra, Santa Cruz, Taruma, Velopark
    • Interlagos Minor art & optimization pass; added seasonal foliage & optimized night lights worn curbs, fence optimization and lodding, seasonal textures tweaks, optimization of night lights
    • Spielberg Historic: Fixed bug with seasonal foliage
    • Imola (all versions): Performance pass; Bug fixes; Delete orphan mesh
    • Updated Stock Car trackside advertising for tracks on the 2021 calendar
    • F-Retro V8 and V12: Added Driver animations; Adjusted the position of the cockpit gear shifter.
    • StockCar 2021: carpaint material update; livery updates
    • Reduced head light dip angle to improve lighting reach
    • Added outfits for 60s, 70s & 80s drivers
    • Porsche GT3-R: Texture optimization
    • Ginetta G55 GT4: Fixed display & RPM lights
    • Fixed bugs in dirt build-up parameters causing dirt to build up very slowly, and reset to clean once it reached maximum state
    • Updated tire dimensions & branding for GTE, GT3, GT4 classes to match physics revisions
    • Added day running lights to GTE, GT3, GT4 classes
    • Adjusted brake glow range
    V1.2.0.5 CHANGELOG


    • Fixed championship editor not correctly loading session weather settings from template/existing championship slots
    • Fixed error which resulted in saved custom championships having weather slots shifted by one slot
    • Fixed custom championship name not persisting when returning to editor
    • Fixed issue where session settings for a round would be reset when changing track
    • Fixed time/weather progression settings from editor not properly persisting in saved custom championships.
    • Fixed Stockcar 2020 Race 2 scoring
    • Added text to weather forecast entry of session/race settings to indicate if Real Weather will use historic data or current live weather forecast
    • Added warning dialog on session/race settings to notify if weather data cannot be found for a particular date/time configuration.
    • Added 'Suspension Setup Display' option to 'Gameplay > Display' allowing users to choose between steps or rates for suspension setting input values. (Main menu only. Cannot be modified in-session)
    • Further corrections to various vehicle UI info innacuracies
    • Further fine tuning to P1, GTE, GT3, GT4 tire treads
    • Further tire tread fine tuning to GT3 & kart rental tires
    • Porsche Cup: Revised aero; adjusted default diff settings (setup reset recommended)
    • Fixed damage warning glitch on various karts by temporarily adding dummy brakes to all wheels (front brakes exist but doesn´t actually provide any torque in kart 125cc, GX390 and Rental - proper fix & brake temperature readings in karts with more than one brake disc to follow in the next update)
    • Disabled hard compound for Group C
    • Minor adjustment to StockV8, P3/P4 tire tread
    • Minor BoP adjustment to GTE, GT3, GT4 classes
    • Fixed bug in M4 suspension triggering non-existing fast dampers
    • Revised brakes on GT4 cars
    • Increased diffuser downforce for Ginetta G55
    • Minor Mclaren 720S GT3 aero revisions
    • Minor front splitter adjustments for Ginetta G55, Camaro GT4R
    • Corrected fuel tank sizes for GTE cars, Cadillac DPi & BMW M4
    • Corrected BMW M4 steering rotation & ratio
    • Disabled onboard roll bar adjustments for Cadillac DPi & enabled for MCR2000
    • Revised aero in GTE, GT3, Cup & GT4 Porsches
    • Revised undertray aero in Stock Car 2020/21 models
    • Adjusted engine inertia for C8.R, Ginetta G55, AJR Chevy
    • Corrected restrictor plate limiting power output in AJR Chevy
    • Corrected M8 front right tire pressure
    • Fixed error removing all packers in default setup of F-Retros (all models, setup reset recommended)
    • Adjusted FFB Max force for BMWs M4, M6 & M8
    • P1, GT3, GTE, F-Retro AI calibration
    • Slightly improved AI performance on brakes / on wet track for tintops
    • Added more engine limiter samples
    • Wet skid/scrub volume lowered
    • Adjusted rumblestrip sound
    • Donington Park: Fixed AI leaving the garage hitting the door frame
    • Long Beach: Add pit lane cut block at pit exit
    • Speedland: Updated adverts
    • Laguna Seca: Updated curb textures
    • Londrina: More performance tuning
    • Santa Cruz: Fix "hiding" pit building roof tent
    • Taruma: Minor art & Performance pass
    • Velopark Minor art & Performance pass

    • Cadillac DPi-VR: Fixed cockpit mesh issue
    • F-Ultimate: Fixed display time delta
    • StockCar 2020 Cruze: Fixed front grill material issue
    • Camaro GT4R: Added 4 new liveries

    V1.2.1.0 CHANGELOG

    • Fixed an issue that could lead to CTD on loading screen when using French localization in some instances
    • Fixed an issue that could lead to CTD when selecting an existing championship save in some instances
    • Fixed real weather in championships sometimes loading from wrong location.
    • Fixed incorrect track info when saving vehicle setups in championship mode
    • Added default compound assignments to various series that didn´t have one, fixing bug that could cause CTD during pitstops
    • Fixed inconsistencies in various similar material settings which could cause slick tires to become completely gripless in certain surfaces when very wet
    UI & HUD
    • Added "ENABLE ANALOGUE INPUTS IN MENU" option to 'Controller > Configuration' options screen to disable analogue inputs in menus. Defaults to disabled for wheels with presets available and can be set per input type
    • Added updated traction control scaling for cars that have the device (may still need some car-specific fine tuning)
    • Fixed error in Caterham Supersport tire tread
    • Minor adjustments to GTE, GT3, Stock Car tire treads
    • Minor suspension geometry & wheel rate multiplier adjustments for cars in GTE, GT3, GT4, GT5, Ginetta G40, Stock Cars, Sprint Race, F3 classes
    • Adjusted front splitter height sensitivity for Ginetta G55, Camaro GT4R, BMW M4, Stock Car 2020/2021
    • Minor diffuser aero revisions & BoP pass to GT3 cars
    • Minor aero revisions for Ultima GTR Race
    • Fixed error in camber ranges of Metalmoro MRX, Montana
      Various aero & default setup adjustments for Metalmoro MRX, Roco
    • Adjusted default power ramp angle in Mclaren GT4, GT3, C8.R, Sprint Race & Stock Cars
    • Mclaren 720S GT3: Revised diffuser, front brakes, ride height range & default settings
    • Mclaren 570S GT3: Adjusted rear ride height
    • Fixed corrected GTE fuel capacity from a previous build which had been reversed by accident
    • Enabled onboard adjustable roll bars for MCR2000
    • Reenabled refuelling in formula series that shouldn´t have them allowed (this will be added back as an option later)
    • GTE, GT3 AI performance callibration pass
    • Adjusted speed AI can sustain while running off the ideal racing line
    • Increased 2020 AI Grip at Silverstone 2020
    • Adjusted AI for slightly lateral swerving in urgent reaction at max aggression / slightly higher concede drops, lower boosts during overtaking conditions


    • Added seasonal foliage to Silverstone (all versions)
    • Long Beach: Fix tire wall adverts material issue; removed wandering fence poles from T8 runoff; Revised pit lane exit limits, Cheat block follows the yellow (was blue) pit exit line.
    • Hockenheim Historics: Minor performance pass; Revised startlight glows
    • Slight zoom tweaks to Long Beach & updated FOV at Interlagos trackside cameras to minimise shimmering
    • Ginetta G58 P1: Added 6 new liveries
    • Added day running lights to Porsche Cup, Metalmoro AJR, Stock Cars
    • Porsche Cayman GT4: Add Pirelli tire branding to the sidewall

    V1.2.1.2 CHANGELOG

    • Added LiveTrack Preset support to multiplayer and dedicated server
    • Fixed an issue that would result in a crash when switching to a second custom championship save that was not created in the current session
    • Fixed refuelling disallowed in custom championships (does not apply retroactively to existing saves)
    • Fixed an issue where incorrect location would be selected in saved setups screen in multiplayer
    • Fixed an issue that could result in a CTD when determining pit speed limit on loading screen in some cases
    UI & HUD
    • Fixed Real Weather status text of session settings "Weather Forecast" input from displaying incorrectly in some cases.
    • Made "Dry" Track Wetness label on in-game screens based on wetness of whole track not just main driving line.
    • Added missing texts for fuel/tire multipliers 3-5x (lobby detail screen).
    • Added detailed lobby information to MP Lobby Screen. (highlight 'Session Settings' block to view it)
    • Added sub-menu to lobby screen where host can access/change rules/realism/session settings in multiplayer games. (cannot override dedi controlled games)
    • Further adjusted AI speed while running offline
    • Increased AI Grip for Bathurst, Imola, Silverstone
    • Rebuilt AI paths for Nurburgring GP & Silverstone from scratch
    • Added seasonal foliage to Hockenheim & Brands Hatch
    • Silverstone: Rebuilt new pit lane cement wall and armco collision
    • Oulton Park: Minor performance pass
    • Updated Interlagos & Nurbugring TV cams in attempt to reduce shimmering
    • Stock Car 2021: Updated Guga Lima livery

    V1.2.1.4 CHANGELOG

    • Fixed a bug where player could receive instant wrong way DQ for no reason when leaving the pits.
    • Disable collisions for vehicles on pit exit in sessions with AI present (prevents AI on main track colliding with vehicle existing pits, pending further updates to behaviour)
    • Fixed and issue that could result in CTD when launching the game with G923 device connected and recent versions of G Hub installed
    • Fixed Logitech G923 LEDs flickering in menu.
    • Fixed an issue that could lead to a false positive/negative cut detection in some rare instances
    • Fixed pit exit cut block not immediately issuing a penalty/warning when triggered. (Currently affects Azure, Laguna Seca, and Long Beach)
    • Further updates to traction control system
    • Minor tire tread adjustments to GTE, GT3, Stock Car, P2, P3, P4 tires & all wet tires
    • Mclaren 720S GT3: Slightly stiffened default front suspension, adjusted diffuser center of pressure
    • Minor diffuser adjustments to Porsche GTE, GT3-R & Metalmoro AJR
    • Further AI callibration passes
    • Further reduction of AI pace while running off the ideal racing line
    • Revised Bathurst & Silverstone AI paths
    • Further increased AI Grip at Nurburgring (all modern track layouts)
    • Added seasonal foliage to Cadwell Park, Donington Park, Oulton Park, Snetterton
    • Updated Brands Hatch seasonal foliage
    • Brands Hatch seasonal texture update, to match with other brit track standards
    • Long Beach: Fixed pit lane exit penalty
    • F-Ultimate: Fixed right mirror mapping issue

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  2. Stakanov

    Stakanov Well-Known Member AMS2 Club Member

    Feb 7, 2020
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    Thanks Reiza and good luck for the update ... I have no doubts it will be great !!!!
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  3. Rob Davies

    Rob Davies Bobby Dazzler AMS2 Club Member

    Jun 2, 2020
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    YEEEEEES!!!!! Thanks Reiza, you've no idea how many of us are burning the midnight oil waiting for this :D
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  4. oez

    oez Mayor of Long Beach AMS2 Club Member

    Aug 27, 2020
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  5. bandqit

    bandqit Active Member

    Dec 19, 2020
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    Legendary. Thanks to the Reiza team for all your hard work. We love you for it. Downloading as we speak!!!
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  6. pederl

    pederl New Member AMS2 Club Member

    Jun 3, 2021
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    Finally patch 1.2 is here!
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  7. Shriukan

    Shriukan Touristenfahrten Community AMS2 Club Member

    Sep 23, 2019
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    Wooo Update. And now for my usual nag. Where is the DS upgrade? I can see it in the stagingtest :p

    Congratulations on another successful month to all members of Reiza Studios!

    Edit: Quick as usual. There it is. Thanks :D
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2021
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  8. Sunscreen

    Sunscreen Active Member

    Dec 24, 2020
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    Superb effort by the team. Simply outstanding. A read of the changelog confirms how much attention is paid to issues raised by the community, and the depth and breadth of the improvements is very very good to see as this sim moves forward. Definitely on the right track (and then some).
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  9. Ruan Ferreira

    Ruan Ferreira New Member

    Mar 26, 2020
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    Now I can live in peace.

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  10. muz_j

    muz_j Active Member

    Apr 27, 2020
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    Thanks for the latest update - it looks great. Probably time for a beer or five at Reiza.
    @Renato Simioni - I'd specifically like to say thanks for having a good mix of purchase options available for DLC. It's nice to see a developer who offers their customers flexibility when buying content - it's very much appreciated.
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  11. Laurie Howard

    Laurie Howard New Member

    Apr 29, 2018
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    oh no, I need to wait until the 7th... at least... aaaahhhh! o_O ;)
  12. Tiago Ribeiro

    Tiago Ribeiro You must first finish AMS2 Club Member

    Apr 18, 2021
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    Absolutely amazing. Kudos Reiza. Expecting a few sleepless nights ahead…
  13. farcar

    farcar Well-Known Member

    Mar 10, 2016
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    Thank you for the update!!!
    Just to let you guys know, the Racin' USA DLC isn't on the DLC list yet:

    I was able to find it after 'browsing all', but may be confusing for some.
    Can't wait till I have time to play it tonight!

    You guys are legends. :)
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  14. Legendre93

    Legendre93 New Member

    May 18, 2021
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    It's finally here! Thank you Reiza!:hurrayreiza:
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  15. CatAstrophe05

    CatAstrophe05 The Andrea De Cesaris of simracing

    Jan 20, 2020
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  16. Shadak

    Shadak Active Member

    May 2, 2020
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    Good idea but are you sure it wasnt left "ON" at 100Nm in the background?
    Because right now, a lot of cars still feely VERY weird, same as when you leave the Viscous lock on default 100. As an example - Vintage formula, retro formula, Gineta GT4 Cup, Maclaren GT1 and some others to an extent.

    Basically once the Viscous lock was reduced to 0Nm, the LSD tuning felt MUCH more natural.
    Right now, at higher speed you udnersteer on coast ... it goes into oversteer once you cross a certain threshold, usually around 80-90Kmh, Im not sure how you guys dont feel it when testing., the wheel differentiation now feels exteremely unnatural and unpredictable. Before I could put viscous lock to 0Nm and it became really nice, now it feels wrong with NO way to fix it :(

    (yes I did reset all my setups etc.)

    @steelreserv @InfernalVortex maybe you guys could test this in the new update? It really feels like the option was removed without actually removing the locking mechanic...
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2021
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  17. Lloyd Johnston

    Lloyd Johnston New Member

    Jul 8, 2020
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    Anyone remember what files we should clear out when doing this update?
  18. Sunscreen

    Sunscreen Active Member

    Dec 24, 2020
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    Scroll up. it tells you everything there.
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  19. Lloyd Johnston

    Lloyd Johnston New Member

    Jul 8, 2020
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    So it dose :)

    Setup reset - We strongly recommend users to delete the content of their Documents\Automobilista 2\savegame\(profile number)\tuningsetups , as some old setup may cause game breaking issues with the latest physics developments. Beware also that existing championship seasons will also be invalidaded with the championship mode updates. It is NOT necessary to reset your graphical on controller configurations.
  20. The Walker

    The Walker Active Member

    Mar 29, 2019
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    So I can keep my custom ffb?
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