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Automobilista 2 V1.3.3.0 RELEASED - Now updated to V1.3.3.1

Discussion in 'Automobilista 2 - News & Announcements' started by Renato Simioni, Feb 1, 2022.

  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 14, 2016
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    017 (1).jpg

    The first Automobilista 2 update of 2022 is now live! V1.3.3.0 adds the F-USA Gen3 with the Reynard 2Ki & Lola B2K/00 & Road America to the Racin´ USA Pt2 DLC, the new F-Retro Gen3 class featuring the Mclaren MP4/1C, the GTS variants of the Polo & Virtus to the TSI Cup class along with several other improvements, the most notable of which developments to the cockpit camera physics & related options.

    Below some important notes regarding the updates to the cockpit camera physics:

    • Before V1.3.3.0, the camera g-force effect was only enabled longitudinally (braking and acceleration), with no lateral g-force effect (from corners) or vertically (from bumps & suspension movement) even at 100% g-force setting; we have now added settings for lateral & vertical g-force effects like in AMS1.
    • Before V1.3.3.0, g-forces, leaning effect, and look to apex effects would only work in helmet camera mode - now these effects apply irrespective if you´re running helmet camera mode or not.
    • As of V1.3.3.0, TrackIR users are able to change the camera g-force.
    • Before V1.3.3.0, VR and trackIR users were forced to use the SMS legacy camera head movement mode. Now, VR and TrackIR users can enable our camera head movement mode in the camera settings screen if desired. It allows for example for the driving to align with the horizon in banked corners like Daytona's without having to resort to camera orientation. Note however that for existing profiles your previous VR settings are preserved, so nothing will change for you unless you decide to change it in camera settings screen.
    Below are the updated default camera settings - these however will only take effect if you create a new profile, if you do not want to create a new profile you can adjust these manually:


    V1.3.2.0 -> V1.3.3.0 CHANGELOG


    • Added Road America (part of the Racin´ USA Pt2 DLC pack)
    • Added F-USA Gen3 class featuring Reynard 2Ki, Lola B2K/00 (part of the Racin´ USA Pt2 DLC pack)
    • Added F-Retro Gen3 class featuring Mclaren MP4-1C, F-Retro Gen3 Turbo, F-Retro Gen3 DFY Aspirated
    • Added VW Polo GTS & Virtus GTS to TSI Cup class

    • Enabled G-forces for cockpit camera (previously G-forces were only enabled for helmet camera)
    • Made the helmet and cockpit cameras orientation change that comes from G-force effect be scaled by the G-force slider settings (previously only the camera position change was scaled, not the orientation)
    • Fixed in-game session details not accounting for session scaling in championship mode and rounding to multiples of 5 in multiplayer.
    • VR Camera Settings: Enabled legacy/new head movement toggle for VR users; World Movement renamed to 'Head Movement' (current user World Movement setting will be maintained and converted to an equivilent 'Head Movement' setting)
    • Enabled camera G-force settings for TrackIR users.
    • Enabled look to apex and leaning in cockpit camera
    • Shared Memory: Updated header to V10; Added Tyre temp L/M/R, Ride height, Session duration which were previously only available via UDP; Added DRS State; Added session additional laps information; Extended CarFlags to include TCS/SCS active state; Latest header/changelogs/sample project now available in the 'Support' directory of the game install
    • Fixed an issue with championship editor which would lead to incorrect race 2 starting order if both races did not use the same duration type. Added a fall back to find any race 1 result as the basis for race 2 in existing savegames
    • Default weather progression for official championships are now sync to race
    • Fixed an issue where default weather progression for official championships was extremely high (existing saves will revert to sync-to-race on load if out of range)
    • Made brake pedal sensitivity linear by default for most Thrustmaster wheel types.
    • Fixed issue where HUD leaderboard would cut off the local player row in some cases
    • Fixed stale drive button state requiring double click of race ready button if a user drove a previous session of a Multiplayer event.
    • Actual timestep is now passing to FFB scripts

    UI & HUD
    • Added Front/Rear tire selection to quick setup menu
    • Fixed selected row visual states on Game control assignments tab
    • Added current lap info to position widget HUD in timed races
    • Fixed in-game camera options screen not correctly hiding VR options
    • Corrected engine displacement info for F-Classic Gen3 models 2 & 3

    • Minor tire tread adjustments for F-Reiza, F-V10 G1, F-V12, F-Ultimate F-Classics (all gens), Group C, Group A, BMW M1 Procar
    • Added driveline elasticity modelling for cars that still didn´t feature it (Lancer Cup, TSI Cup, JCW Mini, Copa Truck, F-Ultimate)
    • TSI Cup: Improved clutch smoothing
    • Revised wheel spin inertia for all cars
    • Reduced front splitter pitch sensitivity for Group A & Procar
    • Slightly improved rear wing baseline downforce of Group A cars
    • Disabled now redundant autoclutch forced off in semi-auto F1s (fixes cars stalling even with autoclutch set on)
    • Adjusted Corvette C3-R final drive ratio
    • Further clutch heating/wear improvements and adjusted update rate
    • Reinstated auto-clutch logic for sequential shifts that do not have autoblip/autolift
    • Updated clutch models to include flash and burst parameters
    • Changed clutches on some cars
    • All street cars now have clutch damage
    • Revised F1 driveline inertias
    • Improved sequential F1 shift reliability
    • Added clutch damage and heating model.& clutch damage attributes for DPI, GT1/GTE/GT3, C3/C3R/Omega, multiple F1s
    • Prevented needless autoclutching in clutchless sequentials
    • Updated default setups for M1 Procar, Groupa A (both models), GT3 (all models), Corvette C3-R, Porsche RSR 1974, Ginetta G40 Cup, G40 GT5, Porsche Cup, Stock Car 2021 / 2022, Mercedes CLK, AJR (all variants), MRX (all variants), Roco (setup reset recommended), F3s,
    • Adjusted engine wear increase with boost settings for F-Classic turbo engines & eeduced default wastegate setting to account for higher engine wear at higher settings
    • Increased hardcoded radius values for AI detection of corners ahead (this should fix some existing AI logic not triggering in some corners)
    • Added a AI series-specific radius check and distance ahead to look at before trying to overtake (customization per car type still to be implemented)
    • Adjusted AI decision behaviour when an AI driver is attempting to avoid cutting the track but has a player vehicle on opposite (should prevent some cases of AI hitting player laterally)
    • Added a per-weekend based consistency personality logic for AI
    • AI calibration pass for F-Classics (all gens)
    • Slightly increased AISidecalc range to further reduce chance of AI cars being "scared" out of the way by player coming up behind it
    • AI rolling resistance adjustments for GT3, GT4, GTE, P1, P2, P3, P4, Stock Cars


    • Updated crash sound effects

    • Updated weather & climates change in European and North American locations to ease transitions in seasonal foliage (so early spring the foliage is still looking dry, early summer still lush green; and early autumn still green)
    • Adjusted rolling start and TT start points for Kansai, Monza, Ortona, Silverstone, Snetterton, Spielberg, Velocitta, Velopark, VIR
    • Watkins Glen: Added barriers on the bypass road for inner loop layouts
    • Monza: Added missing grandstands, ad boards / gantries; grounded floating poles at Lesmos in Monza 1991
    • Silverstone 1975: Add more cones marking pitent/pitex, Adjust a few 3d people, LOD adjustment on flags
    • Ortona: Fix for outer houses LODs; Trimmed the apex corridors
    • Daytona: Updated AI lines & corridors
    • Updated trackside cameras for Brands Hatch, Curitiba
    • Nurburgring: Fixed Cam 01 clipping

    • Reynard 98i: Fixed left mirror bug): Added dirt/damage texture; Changed rain tire texture; Updated cockpit tires
    • BMW M8 GTE: Fixed brake discs glow issue
    • McLaren F1 GTR: Fixed conflicting #8 livery
    • Adjusted suspension animations for all F-USA models

    V1.3.3.1 CHANGELOG:
    • Fixed excessive helmet cam wobbling
    • Adjusted FFB for all FWD cars, karts, F-Reiza & BMW M8
    • Adjusted F-Retro Gen3 AI start performance
    • Adjusted F3 AI rolling resistance
    • Road America: Various updates to trackside objects; Added "The Bend" layout; minor AI adjustments
    • Fixed missing Reynard 98i Toyota
    • F-Retro Gen2: Fixed tire texture bug
    • F-USA (both gens): Added damage/dirt texture; Updated rain tire texture
    • Reynard 2Ki: Added gold wheels to #26 and #27 liveries
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2022
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  2. oez

    oez Mayor of Long Beach AMS2 Club Member

    Aug 27, 2020
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  3. cuadolo

    cuadolo Active Member

    Apr 8, 2020
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    Many Thx Reiza!!!! :)
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  4. BartZ

    BartZ Active Member AMS2 Club Member

    Mar 30, 2020
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    bronze medal for me :D
  5. muz_j

    muz_j Active Member

    Apr 27, 2020
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    @Renato Simioni - Thanks for all the hard work from you & the rest of the team - much appreciated, as usual.
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  6. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds New Member

    Apr 1, 2020
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    Excited to try the improved camera options for trackIR, the inability to stop the horizon shaking in this mode has been my biggest complaint with the game…good work team AMS
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  7. cristian51

    cristian51 Active Member AMS2 Club Member

    Jul 2, 2019
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    Thanks Reiza for your work, but when will we get daytona oval? I miss this so much since daytona road was released....
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  8. GoobMB

    GoobMB Active Member AMS2 Club Member

    Nov 9, 2021
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    Brilliant. Cannot wait to give this a go. Horizon lock on banks had been on top of my AMS2 issues list.
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  9. Wolfgang Herold

    Wolfgang Herold I Like Liveries :) AMS2 Club Member

    Apr 3, 2016
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    its christmas time as usual

    1. get the gift
    2. unpack
    3. take beside
    4. ask for next
    5. repeat

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  10. reptilexcq

    reptilexcq Active Member

    Jun 5, 2021
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    What are all these Cockpit G force and how are they related to motion compensation in VR? I hope this better not screw up.
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  11. clintonium-119

    clintonium-119 New Member

    Jan 20, 2022
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    Exciting :)
    Looks like a great update. Really looking forward to trying out some of the updated default setups, and I'm glad you're keeping TrackIR users in mind.
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  12. DjFIL007

    DjFIL007 Active Member AMS2 Club Member

    Mar 9, 2016
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    Great job team. I've decided to stick with the Legacy Head Movement while in VR, mostly cause I don't use (or like) Lock To Horizion (I set Head\World Movement to 0). Though it does appear there's a small graphical glitch in this menu.

    Otherwise F-USA Gen3 looks and feels nice, look forward to Gen1's release to round it out. Road America looks really nice, even though I've never been a fan of the track. And look forward to testing out the other content soon as I have more time. Keep it up!
  13. spec10

    spec10 New Member AMS2 Club Member

    Jul 2, 2021
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    changes in shared memory seem to have killed Simracingstudio for now, I get neither motion stuff nor shaker stuff to work
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  14. reptilexcq

    reptilexcq Active Member

    Jun 5, 2021
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    Really? Guess I won't be updating it...until they fix it? Anyone else using Sim Racing Studio confirm this?
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2022
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  15. doomwarriorx

    doomwarriorx Member

    Mar 18, 2021
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    Both VW Polo/Virtus GTS show 1.0l engine, should be 1.4l. The "older" Polo/Virtus still show Inline 4 should be Inline 3.
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  16. kallenhard

    kallenhard Member

    Mar 31, 2020
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    I managed to give a quick go during my lunch break. I need to change to legacy VR settings as the head movement was strange, but that's because I was in a rush, not a criticism.

    The cars look and feel very nice. They (FUSA Gen 3) seem twitchy-er than the Gen 2, but I didn't play with setup aside from front wing.

    I cannot wait for the skin masters to start putting together official 2000 season skins so I can pretend to be Joe Tanto in the movie Driven!!!!

    Road America looks gorgeous. Even with the comparably low resolution of my Oculus Rift, it is lush and bloody realistic looking.

    Well done!
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  17. FS7

    FS7 controller filters off please AMS2 Club Member

    Oct 23, 2016
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    All that cheese talk is true.

    Attached Files:

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  18. Enagee

    Enagee jim joneZ AMS2 Club Member

    Mar 14, 2016
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    Good to see updates at normal times. Would love to see updates on Fridays, hype helps multiple player over weekends.
    Now we can all Fudge off.. Till the next time.
    Good job chaps!
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  19. Roar McRipHelmet

    Roar McRipHelmet Well-Known Member AMS2 Club Member

    Feb 25, 2020
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    I'm not sure if my use case is the same as yours, but I just set all the camera settings to 0 or OFF in order to have motion compensation work as before. Try that first, then experiment with other settings.
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  20. rmagid1010

    rmagid1010 Well-Known Member AMS2 Club Member

    Jun 30, 2020
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    Great update, the autoclutch updates have made a big difference to me. One of my complaints was to see the clutch engage with cars like the GT3 and GTE, which ruined the immersion from weird sounds and lengthened gear shifts (slowing the car down on straights relative to other cars). Thanks a lot for fixing this annoying bug from project cars 2!
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