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Automobilista 2 V0.9.2.1 RELEASED!

Discussion in 'Automobilista 2 - News & Announcements' started by Renato Simioni, May 15, 2020.

  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 14, 2016
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    This update is largely focused on FFB, physics and AI developments, but it also features a large assemble of improvements & fixes in all fronts, adds the option to save Replays to your Replay Gallery , new options to the HUD system along with new gameplay features and the first stage of our revamped lighting, featuring HDR & climate revisions.

    As usual, when there are substantial physics & FFB changes some recallibration is in order to bring car-specific FFB & AI values up to the latest specs - both of those fronts have already been largely revised to suit the new developments but it may take another build to get the best of them for all cars in the game.

    There is one last round of FFB developments to come before v1.0, at which point the "Old Default" profile will be discontinued. We recommend switching to "New Default" in the FFB configuration screen if you haven´t done so already.

    With this FFB update tyre flatspots from a hard wheel lock-up under braking will be more perceptible in high performance slicks,, although currently most tyre compounds will allow for only mild tread flatspotting - further development to come here.

    Be advised you must reset your car setups to properly experience recent physics developments - setup changes are auto-saved and reloaded whenever you choose the same car so if you have an old setup change it will still be applying with potentially incompatible changes from the new build- to avoid such issues, upon loading a car in v0.9.2.1 make sure to go into Setup screen & click "reset to default"; if in doubt or to assure you´re running current default settings, a fresh player profile is recommend (you can create a fresh profile by deleting your local My Docs/Automobilista 2 folder - be advised this will delete all your game settings).


    V0.9.2.1 CHANGELOG:

    UI & HUD
    • Added Replay Gallery
    • Added "Save Replay" button to replay screen (only available at end of session)
    • Fixed "Cancel" button not working on keybinding and similar confirmation screen
    • Removed redundant ABS / TC ranges from setup screens of cars with no assists available & disable TC/SC/ABS values from Gameplay options screen when aids are 'OFF' or 'Authentic'
    • Added KERS / BOOST / P2P display to HUD;
    • Slightly increased width of leaderboard and added a first pass strategy for longer driver names
    • Applied grey text for position and driver name text for AI drivers
    • Added 'Full' variant of car info HUD gadget (enable via hud editor)
    • Fixed telemetry screen unit text localisation
    • Fixed telemetry screen right side temp bars escaping tire outline
    • Corrected number of corners for Kyalami (15) & Santa Cruz (14)
    • Corrected vehicle stats for Karts & Trucks
    • Fixed page title on in-game gameplay options screen

    • FFB calculations now account for any change in caster trail and scrub radius, with improved braking feel, overall smoother output & better weight transfer feel
    • Fixed issues with FFB spiking & occasionally producing strong jolts when wheels loose contact with ground (load loss) and added filtering to smoothen out abrupt transitions
    • When front tyres are not loaded FFB will now present only gyroscopic torque, fixing bug that could cause steering to get very heavy in some airborne situations
    • Improved parking force function

    • Thoroughly revised tyre physics for all cars
    • Revised FFB values for all cars to suit new tyre physics & FFB developments
    • Fixed error in Ultima Race / P1 tyre treads resulting in a much faster hard tyre compound;
    • Added initial implementation of Push-to-Pass rules & functionalities for Stock Car V8 (still missing first lap block, 5s delay between pressing button & boost deployment, windshield LEDs for boost use/availability)
    • Added KERS functionality to F-Reiza;
    • Added temporary max boost button for F-Classic Gen1 cars
    • Revised ERS system for F-Ultimate
    • Thoroughly revised brake systems for all cars covering response curve, torque, optimal temp ranges, effects of being off temperature, cooling properties & default brake pressure
    • Removed brake duct values from cars that don´t have one
    • Fixed error in F-Classic Gen1 (both models) diffuser properties leading to no loss of aero efficiency with yaw & other diffuser revisions
    • Reduced undertray scrape friction for all cars
    • Set default Traction Control setting to 10% for all cars when the assist is enabled
    • Adjusted head physics properties & reduced range of movement
    • Revised body aero effects for MRX, Roco, StockV8, Sigma P1
    • Further reduced body drag for all Caterhams
    • Revised Super V8 power, weight, weight distribution to more up-to-date references
    • Fixed Sigma P1 fuel consumption & overheating
    • Fixed errors in Opala´s wheelbase / track width / height offset
    • Adjusted torque curve on lower RPM ranges for Caterhams, F-Classic Gen1, Roco engines
    • AJR Chevy & Honda Turbo variants from P1 class, now have Traction Control and ABS available when driving assists are set to 'Authentic" as per real-life counterparts
    • MRX from P2 class now has Traction Control available when driving assists are set to 'Authentic" as per real-life counterparts
    • Increased downshift protection for all cars

    • Increased AI speed midcorner for all cars
    • Reduced AI speed drop when conceding position to overtaking cars
    • Slightly reduced AI start reaction range
    • Increased AI care when around human players
    • Fixed bug cuasing Fusca from Copa Classic FL to occasionally rol
    • Revised AI performance in practice & qualifying
    • Adjusted AI performance to more realistic ranges when accelerating or skipping a session

    • Further polished Sprint Race onboard audio samples

    • Added first pass for ongoing lighting revamp with HDR & climate visual updates
    • Added new armco textures to Brands, Oulton, Interlagos and Kyalami
    • Added new gravel detail maps to Brands and Oulton
    • Created a library of various detail / normal tarmac maps for various surfaces (rough / new / smooth etc) - currently only applied a few of them to Oulton Park, Kyalami, VIR, Cadwell, Jerez
    • Added customization pass to trackside marshalls & crowds
    • Revised track limits for Kyalami 2020, Donington Park
    • Brands Hatch. Fixed misaligned sector 2 trigger on GP layout causing lap times not to register
    • Fixed bug with 1st lap not registering at Imola 1988 & 2001
    • Cascavel: Fixed timing bug where delta time would read incorrectly when crossing S2 trigger; removed excess garage/pit spots to match grid spots count
    • Santa Cruz: Fixed issues on rolling starts & repositioned rolling start location; added more garage spots; Corrected missing animated marshals/crowds (change winter to autumn).

    • Puma P052: Fixed RPM LED scaling; Fixed LOD C tyres
    • F-Classic Gen1: Fixed cockpit carbon material
    • MetalMoro MRX Duratec P2: Fixed lights on LOD B
    • Passat Copa Classic B: Fixed cockpit side mirrors
    • Formula Vintage Gen2: Fixed exhaust position
    • F-V10 Fixed gap between wheel rim and tyre from cockpit view
    • Puma P052, GTB: Fixed rain streaks direction
    • Puma GTE: Added rear lights
    • MetalMoro AJR & MRX::Updated headlights color
    • Sprint Race: Improved exterior mirrors
    • Fixed Copa Classic Fusca fender lodding out
    • Opala Old Stock: Fixed UV mapping in bonnet
    • F_Ultimate: Adjusted collision mesh
    • StockCar V8: Fixed central mirror position
    • Adjusted brake glow ranges for carbon brakes
    • Several updates to Sigma P1 model & cockpit
    • Added new Sigma & MRX liveries in P2 class
    • Revised MCR Sports 2000 liveries: #01 #02 #03 #04 #05 #06 #07 #08 #09 #11 #12 #15 #16 #25 #26 #29 & Community liveries #17 #18 #42
    KYA 7.jpg

    EDIT: Small silent hotfix just went up including the following changes:

    • Added missing lighting adjustment (cause of overly dark lighting in some circunstances before this fix)
    • Kyalami 2020: Adjusted some clipped road line overlays, further track limit fine tuning, added missing T5 runoff curb, fixed collision issues with concrete walls
    • MCR2000: Added rear brake lights
    Last edited: May 16, 2020
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  2. ttb57

    ttb57 New Member

    Jul 19, 2018
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    Thankyou team. I received 2 updates, 1 just under 500Mb and the other @ 131Mb.....??
  3. Scoops

    Scoops Member

    Mar 17, 2020
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    Looks like you’ve been busy;)
    Off to download :)
  4. RoccoTTS

    RoccoTTS Well-Known Member Reiza Backer

    Apr 1, 2017
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    First was, second was
    Last edited: May 15, 2020
  5. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni Administrator Staff Member

    Feb 14, 2016
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    First is v0.9.2.0, second is v0.9.2.1 - you need both, restart Steam if you only got v0.9.2.0.
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  6. ttb57

    ttb57 New Member

    Jul 19, 2018
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    Ok, thanks for that.
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  7. Towers

    Towers New Member Reiza Backer

    Mar 10, 2016
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    Sorry could you fix the "controller damping" slider causing a huge deadzone in the vjoy based wheels?
    Thank you!
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  8. Martin Vindis

    Martin Vindis Member Reiza Backer

    Apr 12, 2016
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    Holy moly, now that's a lot a of changes and fixes.
    Time for a test drive! Thank you guys!
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    XTRMNTR2K Active Member Reiza Backer

    Mar 9, 2016
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    Wow, this looks like one hell of an update! Will definitely give it a spin tomorrow as it's already late at night over here.

    Well done, guys!
  10. bobbie424242

    bobbie424242 Active Member Reiza Backer

    Jul 31, 2017
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    Is it just me of the graphics (track and scenery) seems a tad darker and duller than they were before (cockpit view) ?
    Prior to starting this new version I did not start the old one for a few days so it is not entirely fresh in my mind how it was, but I remember it to be brighter and more vivid.
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  11. Tarmac Terrorist

    Tarmac Terrorist Member

    Apr 16, 2020
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    This is great!!! Awsome! Do we have working headlights yet?
  12. Sampo

    Sampo Member

    Apr 15, 2020
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    Was there an actual programmed speed drop in said circumstance?
  13. Trustern

    Trustern New Member

    May 10, 2020
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    Thanks for yet another fantastic update!:D
  14. BenH

    BenH New Member

    Apr 13, 2020
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    Thanks guys - excited to get stuck in.
  15. TekNeil

    TekNeil Take me back to the 2.4l, twin 50 weber days...

    Mar 9, 2020
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    I knew I felt it under extreme testing! Tyre degradation (visual)

    Looks like a superb update overall, off to download!
  16. Karsten Hvidberg

    Karsten Hvidberg Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2020
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    Great! Thanks for your hard work pumping these updates out!

    One question:

    Did the ffb scrubbing effect just leave the building with this update?

    I can't feel when I brake, I can't feel when I slide, I can't feel when I spin the wheels.
    Last edited: May 15, 2020
  17. Marc Collins

    Marc Collins Well-Known Member Reiza Backer

    Mar 12, 2016
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    I'll post here impressions from identical version beta:

    Either the grey for the opponents needs to be darker, or some stronger highlight for the player is necessary to distinguish at a quick glance. Losing the bright red was welcomed, but we need something in between that and what is there now ;) Whatever is chosen should also be carried over to the results page when you hit Pause/Esc.

    The Car Info widget tire info is showing only pressures with no colours. We then have redundant tire graphics on the Speedo HUD widget that show colour and wear graphically, but not numerically. I realize the "Full" Speedo/Tach is not yet released, but I hope when complete we have a "Full HUD" with all info in a compact form including numerical read-outs for all items that can be turned on and off. By that I mean, you can use the visual indicators only, or the visual plus the numerical. Since we are going to need a damage indicator as well, is there any reason the wheel is being reinvented here instead of just using an updated/improved version of what was already in AMS? The AMS HUD only needed minor tweaks, aside from making it graphically match the new look and feel, to be perfect.

    The Car Info widget had a graphical glitch if you try to align it with the right side of the screen. It won't go as far to the right as it needs to. The speedo is the opposite--it can be placed off the edge of the screen.

    The big topic--FFB! I am exhausted from trying to find a car that does not feel balanced or better in this update. All do so far, and I tried all the "problematic" vehciles!! Great job on this update and resolving the dampening issues from the pre-beta version. No Gain adjustment required for any car I have tried so far--they are all weighted appropriately and within about 1% or so. Some cars still need a bit of tweaking for range of forces internally (e.g., F-V10 weight on slow corners is too light relative to the weight when max down force is applied in fast corners, and not coincidentally is also too light compared to an F-3 that should have less mechanical grip on the same slow corners), but even those vehicles are balanced for max forces relative to the rest. Amazing progress!

    In case anyone cares, how I got to this place with the FFB was to start with optimally balanced FFB for Beta 0.8 (and if you didn't have balanced forces already then any guidance is probably not worth too much) and adjusted the following:

    Gain: no change

    LFB: dropped it back to default 50 where it had been all the way up to the second most recent update which required a boost in LFB to best feel what is happening at the front end of the car. Now, I can feel the front wheels best back at 50.

    FX: major increase required to have optimal feel from the back of the car. As others have reported, increasing FX even to the max does not bring with it any corresponding harsh bumps or engine vibrations, etc. The only thing it does with any significance for me is the tire scrub forces/whatever it is that allows me to feel the back end of the vehicle.

    If I use Gain=N/LFB=0/FX=0 several cars feel quite nice. I could easily be fooled into thinking that was the right settings for my wheel. Once the full range of vehicles is driven (range meaning the extremes, not every single vehicle), LFB=0 and FX=0 get revealed as very problematic for some cars and the force levels can move all over the place with one car being too heavy and another too light. The actual numbers are going to vary depending on how strong your wheel is and whether you have external settings affecting things (filtering, control panel settings, etc.), but just try a variety of vehicles before settling to avoid disappointment later. My list of favourite "extreme" vehicles" (that all feel very good to excellent now) is:
    • GX390 Race Kart
    • Copa Fusca
    • F-Trainer (beware of cold tires and brakes at start!)
    • F-V10 (compare to F-V12 while testing)
    • ARC Camaro
    • Sprintcar
    • SuperV8
    My only wish for the FFB now is an increase in low-speed, flat cornering tire bite feel. When a car like the SuperV8 leans, you can feel the counter-pressure in the wheel that tricks us into thinking it is the tire biting into and gripping the surface. Same thing in a high down-force F1 car on a fast sweeping corner. But at low speeds, I am missing those cues and it feels like the car and the tire is "gliding" around the corner. If there is any way to add some feedback that represents those forces, it would be fantastic. I do not believe that "transferring" some of the forces from the two examples above would be helpful as it would just diminish that valuable other/separate feedback.
    Last edited: May 15, 2020
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  18. shushkata

    shushkata New Member

    May 13, 2020
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    For me, manual clutch does not work with this update. You can shift with the wheel and with the shifter and the clutch pedal is not needed. If I am not mistaken with the previouse one, all was fine, manual clutch will combine with manual shifter and the pad on the wheel were disabled with those H-pattern cars.
  19. shushkata

    shushkata New Member

    May 13, 2020
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    At least from the interior cameras, even on open wheelers. Game is a bit darker somehow.
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  20. Viking_Magnus

    Viking_Magnus Member Reiza Backer

    Mar 13, 2020
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    I haven't been able to enable this when using VR. The cursor is offset to what it is trying to click, for any of the HUD elements on the edge of the screen.


    Otherwise, this patch has brought the biggest improvement to my enjoyment while driving than any previous EA or beta patch. You've really knocked it out of the park with this one :)

    The best example for me is the Sprint Race car; Previously it was so bumpy in VR that it nearly made me sick. It felt like driving on rocks, instead of tyres. And the braking was terrible.
    Bumps are perfectly reasonable, car feels connected to the road and has grip, and the braking feels intuitive.
    It went from a car that I never wanted to drive, to a car that might become one of the main cars I drive!

    Great work Reiza! Now I'm off to try even more track/car combos :)
    Last edited: May 16, 2020

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